The COVAW project has been designed in line with the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine (2018-2022) as regards supporting national legislation and policy reforms related to combatting domestic violence, and raising awareness of authorities and the Ukrainian public concerning both the Istanbul Convention and violence against women.


The two components of COVAW – awareness raising and legislative frameworks – provide a double level of support to Ukraine in preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence in line with the standards of the Istanbul Convention.

The project will specifically aim to contribute to the success of the Action Plan through supporting the following priorities:

  • adoption of necessary legislation for the ratification of the Istanbul Convention by working with the relevant Committees of the Verkhovna Rada
  • increased awareness of the authorities at different levels regarding the problem of violence against women and domestic violence in Ukraine and the need to combat it; sharing information about the Istanbul Convention and other international standards in this area
  • raising awareness of society on combating stereotypes and gender inequality, risks of domestic violence and the international standards to combat it, including the Istanbul Convention
  • strengthened capacities and increased knowledge of relevant professionals and stakeholders, including in selected amalgamated communities
  • identification of gaps hindering prevention of violence against women, protection of victims of this violence, prosecution of perpetrators or integrated policies at a central or local level
  • legislative reforms and improved policy to aid victims of violence against women and domestic violence

The project will work throughout Ukraine to contribute to the creation of an efficient system of protection of victims of violence against women and domestic violence.


 1 January 2021 - 31 December 2022

Contacts contacts

The project is implemented by the Capacity Building and Co-operation Projects Unit at the Council of Europe’s Gender Equality Division

 Jenna SHEARER DEMIR, Programme Adviser, Project Manager

 together with the Council of Europe Office in Kyiv

 Valeriia TKACHENKO, Senior Project Officer

 Tetiana ANTONCHENKO, Project Assistant