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World Refugee Day

20 June 2018
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World Refugee Day

EUR-OPA works towards human rights based public policies. We have developed Guidelines that provide strategic orientations for further work both at national and international level with the double aim of fostering political commitment from European and Mediterranean governments as well as by increasing people-oriented action. Recently, we have focused on contributing to achieving resilient societies, by promoting inclusive disaster risk reduction for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

The Specialised Centres of the EUR-OPA Agreement have elaborated a series of tools to help these populations better cope with risks. The European Center for Disaster Medicine (CEMEC, San Marino) has created a website and smartphone application to facilitate migrants access to health care. The European Natural Disasters Training Centre (AFEM, Turkey) has developed resources for migrants through its disaster and fire risk awareness programme for refugees living in camps. The International Organisation for Migration and EUR-OPA have presented existing practices and lessons learned on the integration of migrants into decision-making, policy-setting and implementation of disaster risk reduction initiatives in the publication “Migrants in Disaster Risk Reduction: Practices for Inclusion”.

  More information on EUR-OPA programme targeted to Migrants, Asylum seekers and refugees

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