Online | 28–29 June 2021 



 The Second African Forum on Cybercrime is organized by the African Union Commission, the European Union and the Council of Europe (GLACY+ and Octopus Project) in partnership with other organisations and comes as a reassurance of the joint commitment to work together towards finding new modalities of strengthening international cooperation against all forms of cybercrime. 

  Agenda of the Second African Forum on Cybercrime (Main Event) | EN  

Day 1 – Cybercrime policies and legislative updates in Africa [28 June]
  • High-level welcome and opening remarks
  • Setting the scene and goals of the event
  • Cybercrime legislation in Africa – Relevant updates
  • Policing Cybercrime and Protecting Human Rights in Africa – Ensuring an Appropriate Balance through Policies and Legislation
  • Cyber security and cybercrime policy updates
  • Lack of data protection legislation as enabler of cybercrime
  • Data protection legislation as enabling factor for digital innovation plans
  • Key takeaways of day 1
Day 2 – International cooperation on cybercrime and e-evidence [29 June]
  • Policing and prosecuting cybercrime through international cooperation: prospects and challenges
  • Policing and prosecuting cybercrime through international cooperation: online child safety
  • Enhanced cooperation on cybercrime and electronic evidence – the Second Additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention
  • Creating synergies for a coordinated approach to capacity building in Africa
  • The way ahead – Recommendations from the Second African Forum on Cybercrime



 In parallel to the online participation in the main event, regional hubs are organized by the Council of Europe (30 June) and INTERPOL (29 June – 6 July).

  • The Council of Europe will host a parallel hub dedicated to cybercrime investigations in practice. It is expected to bring together speakers from several international organizations and African countries and facilitate the sharing of experiences among participants on new trends in cybercrime and ways to fight cybercrime at the regional and international level. Registration to the main event on 28–29 June 2021 grants access to the Council of Europe Hub on 30 June 2021 as well.
  • INTERPOL will host the regional hubs through its four offices in Harare (Zimbabwe), Nairobi (Kenya), Yaoundé (Cameroon) and Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire). For registration to the INTERPOL regional hubs and further information, please contact the INTERPOL Secretariat.

  Agenda of the Council of Europe parallel hub | EN

  Agenda of the INTERPOL regional hubs | EN

Council of Europe parallel hub [30 June]
INTERPOL regional hubs [29 June, 30 June, 6 July]
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