Back iPROCEEDS: Effective interagency cooperation – a solution to fight cybercrime and its financial gain

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina , 

Cybercrime of today is driven mostly by financial gains and thus rapid detection and action on illegal money flows on the Internet is often a necessity to identify and minimize damages from the criminal activity. However, successful response to cybercrime and its proceeds is often hampered by lack of coordination and common approach of various state authorities to fight this phenomenon.

In order to address the problems of coordination and cooperation in the most practical way, cybercrime investigators, digital forensics specialists, financial investigators, prosecutors as well as Financial Intelligence Department from Bosnia and Herzegovina has gathered to participate in a four days Cybercrime Simulation Exercise, in Sarajevo.

The activity is organised by the Cybercrime Programme Office of the Council of Europe, through the joint project of European Union and the Council of Europe – iPROCEEDS, from 15 to 18 January 2018.

The exercise intends to explore and establish closer links between professional communities of prosecutors, cybercrime investigators, financial intelligence analysts, financial investigation officers and the private sector and requires the participants to work together, share information and evidence in order to investigate cybercrime and follow the money flows of the cyber criminals.


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