CyberSouth: Workshop on cybercrime legislation in Jordan

Jordan , 

On 21–22 September 2022, the CyberSouth joint European Union-Council of Europe project, in cooperation with the Jordan Armed Force and the Jordanian Judicial Institute, organised a Workshop on cybercrime legislation, the provisions of the Budapest Convention and its Second Additional Protocol. The aim of the workshop was to discuss possible amendments to the current legislative framework, based on national priorities and international human rights standards.

Participants representing different national institutions – Ministry of Justice, Cybersecurity and IT Directorate, Military Judge Directorate, General Intelligence Department, Information & Communications Technology Association, Judicial Council, National Cybersecurity Center, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Public Security Directorate, and Central Bank of Jordan - attended the workshop and discussed the procedural powers and co-operation mechanisms on cybercrime and e-evidence offered by the Budapest Convention.

The results of the workshop will be reflected in a report with recommendations to support and facilitate the revision of the current cybercrime law.

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