The CEPEJ consists of representatives of the 46 Council of Europe member states, who are supported in their work by networks of national experts enabling them to keep in touch with the situation in Europe’s judicial systems:

  • A network of national correspondents responsible for co-ordinating the collection of relevant information for the evaluation of judicial systems;
  • A network of pilot courts allowing the CEPEJ to pursue its activities while taking account of the practical day-to-day operation of courts;

A good knowledge of national judicial systems and current judicial issues in the member states (such as reforms under consideration or in progress) is needed for the development, within the Council of Europe, of common tools and measures for improving the impartiality, efficiency and quality of the public justice service on the basis of European standards.

The information available for each of the CEPEJ member countries may be accessed from this part of the site.



  • National correspondent: person entrusted with judicial data collection



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