CroatiaCEPEJ Member: Mr Ivan CRNČEC

assistant Minister for the European Union and International Co-operation
European Union and International Co-Operation Directorate
Ministry of justice
Ulica Grada Vukovara 49
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
+385 1 3714 558 fax: +385 1 3714 559, Ivan.Crncec [at]

Croatia - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Barbara Mašić
Ministry of Justice and Public Administration    
Mario Klačmer
Municipal Court Varaždin (pilot court)
Vlaho Hrdalo 
Croatian Bar Association

  barbara.masic [at] / mario.klacmer [at] / [email protected]    

National Correspondent

Ms. Jurica GRLIC
Senior Expert Advisor
Directorate for European Affairs, International and Judicial Cooperation and Prevention of Corruption
Ministry of Justice
Grada Vukovara 49
10000 Zagreb
+38 513 714 308, Jurica.Grlic [at]

Pilot Court

Bosiljka MALNAR
Municipal Court of Varazdin
B. Radic 2
bosiljka.malnar [at]

Evaluation Exercise


Public and Private Justice Seminar and Conference

Seminar organised by the Inter-University Centre of Dubrovnik in Dubrovnik (Croatia), from 28 May to 1 June 2012, devoted to "Appeals and their impact on efficiency and fairness of civil justice".

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On the official website of the Ministry of Justice (link named “Victims of criminal offences) – whom to contact for advices and assistance?”. (list of courts where have been established the Offices for support to witnesses and victims as well as documents related to the implementation of the project “Assistance in the development of the system for support to witnesses and victims in the RC” which implemented the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in the Republic of Croatie and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia).

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