The Working Group on quality of justice (CEPEJ-GT-QUAL) is instructed to develop means of analyse and evaluation of the work done inside the courts with a view to improving, in the member states, quality of the public service delivered by the justice system, in particular vis-à-vis the expectations of the justice practitioners and the users, according to criteria of performance and efficiency meeting a large consensus.

In order to fulfil its tasks, the CEPEJ-GT-QUAL must in particular, while observing the principle of independence of judges:

  • collect necessary information on evaluation systems of the quality of judicial work existing in the member states;
  • improve tools, indicators and means for measuring the quality of judicial work;
  • draft concrete solutions for the policy makers and for the courts, allowing to remedy dysfunctions in the judicial activity and balance the obligations of the work of judges and its workload with the obligation to provide a justice of quality for the users.

Working Group on quality of justice (CEPEJ-GT-QUAL)

CEPEJ reference texts and tools in the field of artificial intelligence

The CEPEJ has developed important reference texts concerning the implementation of digital justice in the judicial systems of the member States of the Council of Europe: the Guidelines on how to drive change towards cyberjustice as well as the European Ethical Charter for the use of artificial intelligence in judicial systems and their environment, which quickly established itself as a reference at international level.

 European Ethical Charter on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Judicial Systems and their environment [other languages: AZEFR, GRITANLPOR, RUS]

 Special file concerning the work of the CEPEJ in the field of artificial intelligence and predictive justice

The CEPEJ work highlighted at the Conference of Ministers of Justice

The work of the CEPEJ has been expressly mentioned at the Conference of Ministers of Justice of the Council of Europe, organised in the framework of the French Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers on 14 and 15 October at the Council of Europe, focused on "Digital challenges for justice in Europe”.

 News about the presentation of the work of the CEPEJ at the Conference of Ministers of Justice and link to the special file