Results of the SEJ II Second Steering Committee meeting

11 July 2018 Tirana (Albania)

The Second Steering Committee meeting of the SEJ II Action took place on 11 July 2018 in Tirana, Albania. It was co-chaired by the European Union and the Council of Europe. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the SEJ II Action in its new phase with the agreement to extend the Action until...

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Strengthening the use of Information technologies (IT) in the justice system in Albania

3-6 July 2018 Tirana (Albania)

On 3-6 July 2018, in Tirana, Albania, CEPEJ experts met with the Ministry of Justice, the General Prosecutor Office, the School of Magistrates as well as key partners from Euralius and USAID to present tailor-made CEPEJ experts’ documents for Albania with concrete suggestions for the preparation...

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Current challenges and work of the CEPEJ

headline 07.08.2018 Strasbourg

Georg Stawa, President of the CEPEJ talks about the current work and challenges of the CEPEJ.

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The CEPEJ organises a training session "Justice, media and social networks" in Tunisia

11 July 2018 Tunis (Tunisia)

About fifty participants (judges, in particular spokespersons of Tunisian courts, journalists, lawyers) have been brought together by the CEPEJ and the Tunisian Ministry of Justice for a training session on "Justice, media and social networks" on 11 July 2018 in Tunis. Its objective was to...

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Celebration of the 15th anniversary of the CEPEJ

headline 27 June 2018 Strasbourg

Mrs Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe opened the ceremony to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the CEPEJ, together with Georg Stawa, President of the CEPEJ. Speech by Mrs Gabrielle Battaini-Dragoni, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe...

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30th plenary meeting of the CEPEJ

headline 6 June 2018 Strasbourg

During its 30th plenary meeting, the CEPEJ will also use the occasion to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Since 2003, the CEPEJ has been entrusted by the Committee of Ministers with the task of improving the quality and efficiency of judicial systems and strengthening the confidence of individuals...

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Launch of the 2017 data collection process to assess the judicial system in Kosovo*

headline 25 June 2018 Kosovo

On 20 June 2018, a CEPEJ international expert initiated, in Pristina, a new assessment phase based on 2017 data according to the CEPEJ evaluation grid which was adapted to Kosovo. This second initiative comes from a direct request of key KoSEJ beneficiaries to follow-up on the in-depth assessment...

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15 years of contributions from the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) to the improvement of how judicial systems function in Europe

headline 18 June 2018 Strasbourg

The CEPEJ plenary meeting from 27 to 29 June will also mark the celebration of its 15th anniversary. For 15 years, the CEPEJ's activities have supported member states in improving the efficiency and quality of their judicial systems, in accordance with Council of Europe principles and standards....

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Presentation of the tailor-made methodology for the judicial map review for Albania

20-21 June 2018 Tirana (Albania)

On 20-21 June 2018, Carmela Germinario, CEPEJ expert, presented the final work on the proposed methodology for Albania developed according to the CEPEJ indicators to support the planned judicial map review, which will be launched by the future High Judicial Council, and is currently being...

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Artificial intelligence and data analysis: Defining clear processing purposes compatible with fundamental rights

headline 19 June 2018 Strasbourg

The processing of judicial data must meet clear objectives as accepted by the scientific community. These procedures must be carried out in compliance with the fundamental rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights and the Convention for the Protection of Personal Data. With...

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Closing synthesis meeting EU/CEPEJ/Morocco Programme to support the Justice Sector Reform in Morocco

headline 15 June 2018 Rabat (Morocco)

A synthesis meeting will be held in Rabat on the morning of 19 June 2018 and will bring together representatives of the Moroccan Ministry of Justice, the Presidency of the Prosecution Services, the High Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ) as well as members of the CEPEJ Secretariat and...

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Presentation of the results of the satisfaction surveys in 2 courts in Albania

headline 13-14 June 2018 Tirana (Albania)

On 13-14 June 2018, the CEPEJ expert, Mr. Marko Aavik, met individually with the Presidents of the Shkoder Court of 1st Instance and the Tirana Appeal Administrative Court to present the CEPEJ report analysing the results of the satisfaction surveys carried out in each of these courts with the...

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International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ) contributes to the CEPEJ's Evaluation Exercise

headline 05 June 2018 Strasbourg

Today, on its website and in the CEPEJ-STAT system, the CEPEJ publishes the contribution from the International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ) to the specific study of the CEPEJ on the legal professions. This study includes the 2014 CEPEJ data, enhanced by examples relating to the practices...

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Workshop with high level international expertise to support the future Case Management Information System (CMIS) in Kosovo*

headline 24 May 2018 Kosovo

On 24-25 May, the President of the CEPEJ together with a group of seven CEPEJ international experts on the use of information technologies in judicial systems led a workshop in Kosovo for representatives of courts, prosecution offices, the Kosovo Judicial Council, and the Kosovo Prosecutorial...

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Results of the CEPEJ court users’ satisfaction surveys conducted in three courts in Kosovo*

headline 23 May 2018 Gjakova, Pristina and Prizren (Kosovo)

On 15-16 May, the CEPEJ presented its expert’s analysis of the results of the individual court users’ satisfaction surveys that were carried out with the Basic Courts of Gjakova, Pristina and Prizren, in accordance with the CEPEJ Handbook for conducting satisfaction surveys. A workshop was...

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The work of the CEPEJ through the Report of the Secretary General

18 May 2018 Strasbourg

In his report 2018 on "the situation of democracy, human rights and the rule of law", the Secretary General of the Council of Europe recalls the importance of the CEPEJ's work for the implementation of the Action Plan to strengthen the independence and impartiality of the judiciary. It is based...

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Developing a positive relationship between media and prosecutorial offices in Albania

14-15 May 2018 Albania

The CEPEJ participated on 14-15 May 2018 in a training for Albanian prosecutorial offices on their relationships with the media. The purpose of this activity was to increase the transparency of justice, the quality of reporting of criminal cases by the media, and public trust. Practical examples...

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Meeting of the CEPEJ Working Group on Mediation

24 May 2018 Strasbourg, France

The Working Group on Mediation (CEPEJ-GT-MED) will meet on 24 and 25 May in Strasbourg to discuss and adopt a Toolbox aiming to complement the CEPEJ Guidelines on family, civil and criminal mediation. On this occasion, it will also discuss the results of the study on the impact of the CEPEJ...

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Meeting of the Working Group on Evaluation of Judicial Systems

headline 14 May 2018 Strasbourg

The meeting of the Working Group on the evaluation of European judicial systems (CEPEJ-GT-EVAL) in Strasbourg took place on 15 and 17 May to prepare the next edition of the report "European judicial systems - Efficiency and quality of justice". The meeting of the CEPEJ national correspondents,...

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The Judicial Council of Latvia discussed the CEPEJ experts' report “Evaluation of the Latvian judicial system”

headline 23 April 2018 Riga (Latvia)

A team of CEPEJ experts developed in cooperation with the Court Administration of Latvia the report “Evaluation of the Latvian judicial system”, which puts forward an expert view on the Latvian judicial system and the possible ways of improving the judicial independence and self-governance, as...

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