Role of the Network

The CEPEJ set up a Network of Pilot-courts from European States to:

  • support its activities through a better understanding of the day to day functioning of courts and
  • to highlight best practices which could be presented to policy makers in European States in order to improve the efficiency of judicial systems.

The Network is:

  • a forum of information: Pilot courts are privileged addressees of the information on the work and achievements of the CEPEJ and are invited to disseminate this information within their national networks. Within the Network, Pilot courts communicate and cooperate.
  • a forum of reflection: the Network is consulted on the various issues addressed by the CEPEJ.
  • a forum of implementation: some Pilot courts can be proposed to trial at local level some specific measures proposed by the CEPEJ.

The CEPEJ Innovation Centre : a platform for exchanging good practices

The CEPEJ wishes to establish a platform for exchanging best practices, or innovative practices, in European courts, so as to improve their functioning. The CEPEJ invites, in particular the members of its Network of Pilot Courts, to forward to the Secretariat, amples of good practices and/or innovative practices that are applied in the courts. Courts wishing to contribute to this dynamic initiative are requested to complete the attached form in English or in French.

Tasks of the Pilot-courts

The Network is involved in the implementation of the CEPEJ Framework Programme “A new objective for judicial systems: the processing of each case within an optimum and foreseeable timeframe”. 

The CEPEJ relies on the Network to promote innovative time-reduction and time-management projects introduced by courts and also to promote quality of justice.

During its 3rd plenary meeting (Strasbourg, 10 September 2009), the network has adopted operational conclusions in order to support the implementation of the CEPEJ activities program.

The next meeting of the Network of pilot courts will take place in Barcelona (Spain), on 3 October 2019.

Criteria for membership of the CEPEJ Network

Pilot-courts can be first instance or higher instance courts in civil, administrative or criminal matters. 

They should be in a position to assume a leading role in the field of optimum and foreseeable judicial timeframes in their country. It would be desirable that the Pilot-courts have a successful experience as regards the monitoring and management of judicial timeframes.

Pilot-courts must be available to cooperate concretely and regularly with the CEPEJ and its Task Force on timeframes of procedures, in liaison with the CEPEJ member in their country.

Organisation of the Network