The Resource Centre on Cyberjustice and AI serves as a publicly accessible focal point for reliable information on AI systems and other key cyberjustice tools applied in the digital transformation of the judiciary. It shall help to gain an overview of such systems and tools, providing a starting point for further examination on their risks and benefits for professional and end-users in line with the “European ethical Charter on the use of AI in judicial systems and their environment”.

The entries are collected through the CEPEJ’s European Cyberjustice Network (ECN) members. The network consists of individuals of nearly all CoE member States and observers, tasked with the digitalisation of national judicial systems. The information is complemented by other publicly available sources. Even though the data collection is systematic an exhaustive overview cannot be guaranteed, due to fragmentation of initiatives down to court level.

The collected information is discussed and categorised by the CEPEJ’s Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board (AIAB).

Should you want to point us to relevant systems that should be considered for the Resource Centre, you are welcome to do so by submitting this form.

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