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  Recommendation CM/Rec (2009)13 on the Nationality of Children (link to fact sheet)
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Although it is a matter for States to decide, subject to the fundamental rules of international law, which persons are their nationals, it is important for States to co-operate and co-ordinate their nationality laws in order to deal with such issues as statelessness, state succession and multiple nationality and their consequences.

That is the objective of the main European legal instrument in the area of nationality - the European Convention on Nationality (CETS No.166), which was adopted by the Council of Europe in 1997 and entered into force on 1 March 2000. Another important Council of Europe legal instrument in the area of nationality the Convention on the Avoidance of Statelessness in relation to State Succession (CETS No. 200) was opened for signature on 19 May 2006.