Le mot de la présidenteWord from the CDCJ Chair

Mr Lennart Houmann (Ministry of Justice, Denmark)

I am most honored to accept the chairmanship of CDCJ, a position that has been held by my many remarkable predecessors.  I intend to guide the committee’s members in their work and discussions as effectively and as efficiently as possible and uphold the trust they have placed in me.


Since its establishment in 1963, the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ) is a standard-setting body, with a wide scope of competence in the field of public and private law.

The CDCJ, as a steering committee:

  • Reports directly to the Committee of Ministers.
  • Makes proposals of texts to the Committee of Ministers for their adoption.
  • Makes proposals concerning the overall priorities in its fields of competence, future work and draft terms of reference.

With a view to achieving its mission, the CDCJ is assisted by its Bureau, consisting of seven CDCJ members who are responsible for handling its business between plenary meetings. The CDCJ meets in plenary session once a year, whilst its Bureau meets two or three times a year.

The governments of member states may designate one or more representatives, who will, as members of the CDCJ, carry out the work of the Committee and co-ordinate, at national level, all relevant elements of government policy. Such members are entitled to vote on matters arising within the CDCJ. Furthermore, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the European Union may send representatives.