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4th European Conference on Nationality:
Concepts of Nationality in a Globalised World
17 December 2010, Council of Europe (Room G03, Agora building), Strasbourg

More than five years after the last Council of Europe Conference on Nationality, time is ripe to continue addressing nationality issues in this unique international forum.

The aim of the Conference, which is open to all persons with a professional interest in nationality matters, is to form a bridge between the Council of Europe's work on nationality issues carried out in the past and the new challenges to be faced, both by individuals and States.

Several topics of current and future importance will be addressed, with a view to identify possible avenues for Council of Europe future action in the field. Themes of interest inter alia include the increasingly witnessed tendency to differentiate functional and non-functional elements of nationality, current trends in the area of multiple nationality, the European Convention on Nationality after a decade, the prevention and avoidance of statelessness and also links between migration and nationality issues.



 Conclusions - Final conclusions


 Opening speeches :

-   Mr. Philippe BOILLAT, Council of Europe (in French only)

-   Mr Hasan CANPOLAT, Turkey


-          Mr Thomas HAMMARBERG, Council of Europe

-          Mr Matej ACCETTO, Slovenia

-          Mr Gerard René DE GROOT, The Netherlands

-          Ms Georgia GEORGIADOU, European Union

-   M. Pascal MANGIN, France

-          Mr Mark MANLY, Switzerland

-          Ms Alenka PRVINSEK, Austria

-          Mr Trpe STOJANOVSKI, "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"

-          Mr Maarten Peter VINK, The Netherlands

-    Mr Gottfried ZÜRCHER, Switzerland

  -Conference general coordination
  -Information request