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Strasbourg, 19 MAY 2014

Following the Committee of Ministers Thematic Debate (12 December 2013) on « Safety of journalists – further steps for the better implementation of Human Rights standards », the Secretary General of the Council of Europe made several operational proposals in order to ensure an enabling and safe environment for journalists. The “Round Table on Safety of Journalists – From Commitment to Action” will promote dialogue between international institutions and media freedom organisations to identify ways of better addressing severe human rights violations against journalists. One of its expected results is to lay the ground for warning mechanisms and a rapid response capacity, possibly through the development of an Internet platform.
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triangle bleuOutline
triangle bleuThe role of Council of Europe bodies to enhance media freedom and the protection of journalists

Safety of journalists is a concern for more than one organ of the Council of Europe.
Each of them, at its level and with within the framework of its mandate issued important texts on the topic. A selection of texts is available here:

triangle bleuCommittee of Ministers
triangle bleuParliamentary Assembly
triangle bleuHuman Right Commissioner
triangle bleuEuropean Court of Human Rights (judgements and fact sheets)
triangle bleuCongress of Local and Regional Authorities

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Reference documents Reports and expert papers Venue
triangle bleu Thematic debate on “Safety of Journalists” –Secretary General SG/Inf(2012)6 triangle bleuReport: The principles which can be drawn from the
case -law of the European Court of Human Rights
relating to the protection and safety of journalists and journalism, by Philip Leach
Council of Europe, Strasbourg - Palais de l'Europe - room 5


triangle bleu Thematic debate “Safety of journalists- further steps for the better implementation of human rights standard” - SG/Inf(2013)42 triangle bleu Report: How to address current threats to journalism?: The Role of the Council of Europe in protecting journalists and other media actors, by Tarlach McGonagle
Languages: the working languages will be English and French with simultaneous interpretation
triangle bleu Thematic debate “Safety of journalists- further steps for the better implementation of human rights standard” follow-up – SG/Inf(2014)2 triangle bleu Report: The activities of the Organisations in Europe working  for the protection and safety of journalists and to combat impunity, by William Horsley  
triangle bleu Ministerial Conference on Freedom of Expression and Democracy in the Digital Age - Resolution on Safety of Journalists triangle bleuSpeaking of Terror, by David Banisar


International organisations participating in the Round table



Reference documents

International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) / Safety of journalists

Reference documents

Representative on Freedom of the Media

Reference documents



Reference documents : "Violence for publication"

OAS answers to the questions of the Round table outline


International Non Governmental Organisations participating in the Round Table

  Amnesty International                      ICRC            Reporters sans Frontières       Human Rights Watch        

  Committee to Protect Journalists      Index on Censorship            International Federation of Journalists

                         Natalia Project                     Ossigeno per l'Informazione                 Article 19

  Association of European Journalists      IREX       IFEX            Pen International            OSI-Media