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List of Recommendations and Resolutions adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in the Media field

Resolution 1877 (2012)1prov The protection of freedom of expression and information on the
Internet and online media

Recommendation 1998 (2012)1 prov The protection of freedom of expression and information on the
Internet and online media
Recommendation 1980 (2011) Combating “child abuse images” through committed, transversal and internationally co-ordinated action
Resolution 1834 (2011) Combating “child abuse images” through committed, transversal and internationally co-ordinated action
Resolution 1835 (2011) Violent and extreme pornography
Recommendation 1984 (2011) The protection of privacy and personal data on the Internet and online media
Resolution 1843 (2011) The protection of privacy and personal data on the Internet and online media
Recommendation 1950 (2011) The protection of journalists’ sources
Recommendation 1931 (2010) Combating sexist stereotypes in the media
Resolution 1751 (2010) Combating sexist stereotypes in the media
Recommendation 1897 (2010) Respect for media freedom
Recommendation 1882 (2009). The promotion of Internet and online media services appropriate for minors
Recommendation 1878 (2009). The funding of public service broadcasting
Recommendation 1855 (2009). The regulation of audiovisual media services

Recommendation 1848 (2008). Indicators for media in a democracy

Resolution 1636 (2008). Indicators for media in democracy

Recommendation 1836 (2008). Realising the full potential of e-learning for education and training

Recommendation 1814 (2007).Towards decriminalisation of defamation

Resolution 1577 (2007). Towards decriminalisation of defamation

Recommendation 1805 (2007) on blasphemy, religious insults and hate speech against persons on grounds of their religion

Resolution 1557 and Recommendation 1799 (2007) on the image of women in advertising

Recommendation 1789 (2007) on professional education and training of journalists

Resolution 1535 and Recommendation 1783 (2007) on threats to the lives and freedom of expression of journalists

Recommendation 1773 (2006). The 2003 guidelines on the use of minority languages in the broadcast media and the Council of Europe standards: need to enhance co-operation and synergy with the OSCE

Recommendation 1768 (2006) on the image of asylum seekers, migrants and refugees in the media

Resolution 1510 (2006) on freedom of expression and respect for religious beliefs

Recommendation 1706 (2005) on media and terrorism

Resolution 1438 and Recommendation 1702 (2005) on freedom of the press and the working conditions of journalists in conflict zones

Resolution 1387 (2004) on monopolisation of the electronic media and possible abuse of power in Italy

Resolution 1372 and Recommendation 1658 (2004) on the persecution of the press in the Republic of Belarus

Recommendation 1641 (2004) on public service broadcasting

Recommendation 1589 (2003) on freedom of expression in the media in Europe

Resolution 1313 (2003) on cultural co-operation between Europe and the south Mediterranean countries

Recommendation 1555 (2002) on the image of women in the media

Recommendation 1586 (2002) on the digital divide and education

Recommendation 1506 (2001) on freedom of expression and information in the media in Europe

Recommendation 1543 (2001) on racism and xenophobia in cyberspace

Recommendation 1466 (2000) on media education

Recommendation 1407 (1999) on media and democratic culture

Resolution 1191 (1999) on the information society and a digital world

Resolution 1165 (1998) on the right to privacy

Resolution 1142 (1997) on parliaments and the media

Recommendation 1332 (1997) on the scientific and technical aspects of the new information and communications technologies

Resolution 1120 (1997) on the impact of the new communication and information technologies on democracy

Recommendation 1314 (1997) on the new technologies and employment

Recommendation 1277 (1995) on migrants, ethnic minorities and media

Recommendation 1276 (1995) on the power of the visual image

Recommendation 1265 (1995) on enlargement and European cultural co-operation

Recommendation 1239 (1994) on the cultural situation in the former Yugoslavia

Recommendation 1228 (1994) on cable networks and local television stations: their importance for Greater Europe

Recommendation 1216 (1993) on European cultural co-operation

Recommendation 1215 (1993) on the ethics of journalism

Resolution 1003 (1993) on the ethics of journalism

Recommendation 1147 (1991) on parliamentary responsibility for the democratic reform of broadcasting

Resolution 957 (1991) on the situation of local radio in Europe

Resolution 956 (1991) on transfer of technology to countries of Central and Eastern Europe

Recommendation 1138 (1990) on the European Support Fund for the co-production and distribution of creative cinematographic and audiovisual works "Eurimages"

Recommendation 1136 (1990) on a European policy on alcohol

Recommendation 1122 (1990) on the revival of the countryside by means of information technology

Resolution 937 (1990) on telecommunications: the implications for Europe

Recommendation 1111 (1989) on the European dimension of education

Recommendation 1110 (1989) on distance teaching

Recommendation 1098 (1989) on East-West audiovisual co-operation

Recommendation 1096 (1989) on the European Convention on Transfrontier Television

Recommendation 1077 (1988) on access to transfrontier audiovisual media during election campaigns

Resolution 887 (1987) on European Cinema and Television Year

Recommendation 1067 (1987) on the cultural dimension of broadcasting in Europe

Recommendation 1059 (1987) on the economics of culture

Recommendation 1047 (1986) on the dangers of boxing1

Recommendation 1043 (1986) on Europe's linguistic and literary heritage

Recommendation 1037 (1986) on data protection and freedom of information

Resolution 848 (1985) on privacy of sound and individual freedom of musical choice2

Recommendation 1011 (1985) on the situation of professional dance in Europe3

Recommendation 996 (1984) on Council of Europe work relating to the media

Resolution 820 (1984) on relations of national Parliaments with the media

Recommendation 963 (1983) on cultural and educational means of reducing violence

Recommendation 952 (1982) on international means to protect freedom of expression by regulating commercial advertising

Recommendation 926 (1981) on questions raised by cable and television and by direct satellite broadcasts

Recommendation 862 (1979) on cinema and the state

Recommendation 834 (1978) on threats to the freedom of the press and television

Recommendation 815 (1977) on freedom of expression and the role of the writer in Europe

Recommendation 749 (1975) on European broadcasting

Recommendation 748 (1975) on the role and management of national broadcasting

Recommendation 747 (1975) on press concentrations

Recommendation 582 (1970) on mass communication media and human rights

Resolution 428 (1970) containing a declaration on mass communication media and human rights

1 The text of this Recommendation and the report of the Committee on Culture and Education (doc. 5541) refer to the role of the mass media in informing the public of the potential harmful effects of boxing as well as, more generally, the media coverage of boxing.

2 The text of this Resolution touches on some elements concerning the media.

3 The text of this Recommendation touches on some elements concerning the media.