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    The Committee of Experts on Family Law (CJ-FA) drafted a new draft Recommendation on the Rights and Legal Status of Children and Parental Responsibilities. It is expected that this draft instrument will be adopted by the Committee of Ministers in 2011. Conscious of the concerns addressing children in this recommendation, the CJ-FA consider it important that the views of children, no matter how small their number, be taken into account in the drafting process. For this reason the CJ-FA organised a consultation with children and young people. The work carried out by the organisations/institutions taking part was analysed by an expert in children’s rights and presented to the CJ-FA at its 5th and final meeting (25-27 May 2011). In this respect, please see the analysis of the consultation: CJ-FA (2011) 6 “The Rights and Legal Status of Children and Parental Responsibilities: the views of Children and Young People” and the presentation “A Report on the Council of Europe Consultation with Children and Young People” prepared by the CJ-FA Consultant, Dr Ursula Kilkelly (Ireland).