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Council of Europe
Conseil de l'Europe

European Union
Union européenne
Strengthening information society in Ukraine 2013/DG I/JP/2827




European Union


Council of Europe


23 months

Total project funds received

€ 2 500 000


To strengthen the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms through :

- Greater freedom, diversity and pluralism in the media;

- An open, inclusive, sustainable, people-centred and human rights-based approach to the Internet;

- An effective system of protection of individuals with regard to their right to privacy and right to control their personal data.

Original specific objectives

- To help the legislators develop a strategy until 2015 for the approximation of media legislation to the European regulatory framework, focusing on the EU-Ukraine association related terms and the Council of Europe standards; 

- To provide targeted expert assistance to the stakeholders as to the implementation of the strategy;

- To provide assistance in establishing the right of access to information via enhancing the stakeholders’ capacity to implement the law;

- To strengthen the capacity of the Ukrainian public officials, civil society and Internet private sector in governing the Internet as they could better promote the open and unimpeded free flow of information and expression based on the relevant CoE standards;

- To raise the civil society’s public awareness and monitoring capacity on the rights of Internet users;

- To strengthen open, inclusive and transparent multi-stakeholder Internet governance dialogue in Ukraine based on CoE human rights standards;

- The legal framework with regard to data protection is enhanced complies with international standards in the field;

- The independence and capacity of public authorities overseeing data protection is secured and developed;

- Data protection safeguards and mechanisms are better implemented in all relevant sectors, in full respect of other rights and freedoms, such as freedom of expression.


Core government agencies and regulatory authorities of Ukraine within the scope of the project; Relevant Parliamentary Committees; Ombudsperson (Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights);

Civil society organisations; internet service providers; educational authorities and academic institutions.

Target groups

- Media professionals and their self-regulatory bodies; national stakeholders involved in the implementation and policy making of the data protection system and internet governance, both in the public and private sector.

- State institutions, civil society, professional, technical and business communities.

Final beneficiaries

The society at large, each and every individual.

Expected results

- A strategy for approximation of media legislation to the European regulatory framework until 2015 is developed and implemented;

- Progress is made as regards the elimination of the state or authority-owned media;

- The safeguards for fair and balanced media coverage of elections are developed in line with the European standards and the EU-Ukraine association-related criteria;

- Journalists’ work conditions free from threats and actual violence are promoted via exposure to best practices and reforming legislation on the protection of professional activity of journalists;

- The legal framework for access to public information is further improved;

- Internet governance and human rights courses are included in the Curricula of national institutions;

- Increased knowledge and awareness of Internet users on Internet governance and human rights adopted and promoted by the CoE as well as knowledge and capacity of the Internet service providers;

- Enhanced participation of the Ukraine key stakeholders in the international Internet governance and human rights debates;

- The data protection law is reviewed and aligned with international and European standards in the field.

- Independence and capacity of the Ombudsperson (Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights) overseeing data protection is built up;

- Data protection is implemented by sectors.


Examples of organised activities: