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Promoting Professionalism and Tolerance in the Media in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina


Republic of Ireland, Norway (voluntary contributions)


Council of Europe


25 months (1 December 2011 31 December 2013)

Total project funds received

500 000

№ of activities organised

More than 30 activities implemented


Promote professional and responsible journalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina in line with the Council of Europe standards.

Original specific objectives

- The members and staff of the Communications Regulatory Agency are better equipped to enforce regulations on protecting human rights, human dignity and minors; their competence for delegated regulation and for implementing is increased;

- The Press Council (self-regulatory body) is better equipped to effectively monitor and enforce ethics rules, voluntarily adopted by the media; enjoys more respect from the media and from the public;

- Cooperation between relevant actors, such as media, judiciary, government agencies, Communications Regulatory Agency, Press Council and civil society is enhanced, with a view to promoting free and professional journalism.


Press Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Association of BH Journalists, Regulatory Agency for Communications in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Target groups

Public officials, media professionals, journalism educators, civil society

Final beneficiaries

Media professionals, civil society

Achieved results

 - Monitoring of print, online and broadcast media was carried out between August and December 2012 and presented to the public. A long-term plan for the education and professional training of journalists and editors as regards professionalism and tolerance in their work  is developed;

- The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina became more aware of their rights and encouraged to defend them, using all available self-regulatory and regulatory tools;

- Journalists started to report more systematically to the relevant bodies about online hate speech.

- More than 30 activities implemented, in cooperation with the project partners.

Main activities

Conferences, roundtables, seminars, workshops, training, study tours, monitoring, publications, Radio debates