"8 March, 8 Days to celebrate Inspirational Women"

Campaign generates over 200 new followers in one week

[06-04-2017] - On the International Women’s Day 2017, the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe (NSC) launched the campaign “8 March, 8 Days to celebrate Inspirational Women”, with the purpose of giving visibility to role-model women from the Euro-Med Women Network and spread their commitment to promote a non-stereotyped image of women. The campaign aimed also at raising awareness on equality between women and men and the need for preventing and eradicating sexism and gender discrimination.

The NSC thanks the Inspirational Women who have dedicated their time to contribute to this initiative and renews its gratitude for the hard work and the efforts they devoted for women in particular and ultimately the whole society.

The campaign increased the visibility of the women network increasing its number of followers to more than 2750. Between the 8th and the 15th of March the facebook page reached  1751 likes on campaign posts, 124 shares, 145 comments and 211 new followers.

The NSC will soon launch a survey to assess the expectations of the platform members, to be able to provide to them, in the future, a stronger support.

To join the network, send us an  email.

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