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Intercultural Dialogue, History and History Teaching in the Context of Globalisation
Informal Meeting of Historians
5 April, Istanbul

On 5 April an Informal Meeting of Historians will take place in Istanbul with the aim of gathering some historians and history teachers from different parts of the world to reflect on the theme: “Intercultural Dialogue, History and History Teaching in the Context of Globalisation”.

The aim of the meeting is to discuss about how history teaching can contribute to the creation of a more peaceful future for the next generations and how globalisation can influence history research and teaching.

One of the meeting outcomes will be an orientation paper on the progressive setting-up of a global network of historians in order to encourage intercultural dialogue among historians and develop awareness on the history of the Other and common history through history teaching and learning. This proposal will be presented at the 2nd Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations, taking place on the 6-7 April.

The meeting on 5 April is one of the results of the Council of Europe’s symposium on “Globalization and Images of the Other: challenges and new perspectives for History teaching in Europe?” (Istanbul, 30 November – 1 December 2008) which demanded a greater and worldwide reflection on history in the framework of intercultural dialogue.

In the context of the Informal Meeting of Historians and the 2nd Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations, the Executive Director of the North-South Centre is traveling to Istanbul where he will from 4 to 8 April:

    co-chair (on 5 April) the Informal Meeting of Historians – Intercultural Dialogue, History and History teaching in the context of Globalisation, jointly organised by the Council of Europe, the North-South Centre and the Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA). Through this meeting a new process will be initiated aimed at promoting dialogue on history research and teaching at global level, in the framework of the Alliance of Civilisations;
    participate (on 6-7 April) in the 2nd Forum of the Alliance of Civilisations, during which the UN High Representative Jorge Sampaio, in the presence of the Prime Ministers of Turkey and Spain and the Secretary general of the United Nations, will launch a new initiative entitled “Restore hope, rebuild bridges”, aimed at overcoming the trauma created by the Gaza crisis through the joint action of international organisations and major non-state players working in the Mediterranean and Middle-East region. The North-South centre will be entrusted with the responsibility of co-ordinating the whole cluster of projects to be implemented under this initiative, a role which promises to be both rewarding and challenging;
    represent the Council of Europe in the meeting of AoC focal points, to be held on 8 April in connection with the Istanbul Forum.

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