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“Launching event for promoting global development education in the new EU member States”

    Monday 23 March

    09.00 Registration

    9.30 Introduction and welcome

    Chaired by Balázs Sátor, president of the Hungarian Association of NGO’s for Development and Humanitarian Aid (HAND)
    - Rilli Lappalainen, Board Member of CONCORD and the Executive Council of the NSC
    - Agnes Forgo, International Development Cooperation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hungary
    - Jean-Marie Heydt, President of the Conference of INGO’s of the Council of Europe - presentation

    10.15 Key note speech on global development education in Central and Eastern Europe, by Dr. János Setényi, Managing Director of Expanzió Human Consulting in Hungary - presentation

    11.00 Coffee break

    11.30 Challenges and perspectives for Global Development Education in the new EU member States

    - Jos Chabert, Member of the Commission for Culture, Education and Research of the EU Committee of the Regions (EDUC)
    - Andra Tanase, Vice-Chair of the CONCORD Development Education Forum – presentation
    - Christina Bedoya, Director TRIALOG - presentation

    12.30 Role of European institutions in supporting global development education in Central and Eastern Europe

    - Maria Gonzales-Mata, European Commission – DGAIDCO - presentation
    - Gordana Berjan, North-South Centre of the Council of Europe - presentation

    13.00 Lunch

    14.30 Taking stock from previous projects and successful initiative aiming at developing and improving global development education at local, national and European level

    - Valentina Demetriadou-Saltet, Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus – presentation
    - Maria Luz Ortega Carpio & Rocio Munoz, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spain - presentation
    - Rita Galambos, Hungarian Association of NGO’s for Development and Humanitarian Aid (HAND/DIA) - presentation
    - Mr Sérgio Guimarăes, Portuguese Institute for Development Aid and Co-chair of the European Multi Stakeholder Group for Development Education - presentation

    16.00 Coffee break

    16.30 Working groups addressing:

    - Launching, developing or reinforcing existing national multi-stakeholder processes in all new EU member states taking stock of existing achievements in global development education (policies, practices etc.) - presentation
    - Promoting increased participation of new MS in the pan-European Global Education Week and preparation of a central event in the context of the European Development Days (under the auspices of the Global Education Week) - presentation
    - Developing ‘blue-prints’ for upcoming national and regional seminars in 2009-2010 in the context of the Joint Management Agreement - presentation
    - Consultation and feed-back on the drafting of a Council of Europe Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation on global education covering the 47 member states in Europe and how it answers to the existing realities of the new EU member States - presentation

    18.00 Closing of the day

    19.30 Dinner in town

    Tuesday 24 March

    09.00 Presentation of Védegylet Egyesület’s (HAND member organisation) African Photo Exhibition for awareness raising, by Györgyi Újszaszi, website:

    9.30 Plenary session presenting the main outcomes of the discussions in the working groups followed by reflection and discussion.

    10.30 Networking, bi- and multilateral meetings

    - Division of groups in national and/or regional constellations, reinforcing networking and national global development education processes and identifying next steps to be taken at local/regional level in the context of the Joint Management Agreement (national/regional seminars, relevant key actors, dates, contents etc)

    11.30 Coffee break

    12.00 Conclusions and way forward

    Chaired by Ms. Annamaria Kekesi, Board Member CONCORD

    - Ms Lucie Guillet, European Platform of Local and Regional Authorities for Developpment (CCRE/CEMR)
    - Ms Judit Koppány, General Rapporteur
    - Ms Györgyi Blaho, Coordinator HAND
    - Ms Gordana Berjan, Coordinator for Education and Youth, North South Centre of the Council of Europe

    13.30 Lunch & Departure


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