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Polish National Seminar on Global & Development Education


The Polish national seminar on Global/Development Education, organised by the Polish NGDO Platform – Grupa Zagranica, in co-operation with the North-South Centre (NSC) of the Council of Europe and with the support of the European Commission (EC), took place in Warsaw on 9-10 December 2009.

This seminar completed the first series of meetings organised in the framework of the Joint Management Agreement signed between the NSC and the EC for the promotion of global/development education in new EU member States, following the completion, in 2009, of national seminars in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Slovenia.

The meeting brought together over 60 Polish stakeholders in the field of global/development education from all over the country, including representatives from the Ministries of Education, Foreign Affairs, Economy and Environment under the leading theme of “Possibilities of Multilateral Co-operation on Development Education with Key Stakeholders”.

Participants shared experiences developed in this field and assessed the state of art in global/development education in Poland - through the presentations made by the representatives of the Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs and the presentation by Grupa Zagranica - and at European level though the presentation of European strategies for the promotion of GE/DE, the presentation of UK multistakeholders partnership for DE and the presentation of the Portuguese national strategy for DE, recently approved.

The participants further explored issues related to the understanding of the GE/DE concept, tackled quality in GE/GE, and the integration of GE/DE within the formal education system through 3 workshops gathering teachers, journalists, trainers from teacher training institutes and representatives from Scholl Inspectorates, NGOs, Youth organisations, universities, textbook publishing houses, local authorities, and the Polish National Commission for UNESCO. Rapporteurs from each working group delivered respective conclusions which contributed for the final account of the seminar.

Besides the final declaration, the main outcome of the seminar consisted of establishing a plan of action for 2010 in view of securing a follow-up of this enlarged multistakeholder process, in close collaboration with Ministries of Education, Environment and Foreign Affairs and within the current reform process of the Polish educational system. This multistakeholder approach reinforces the existing collaboration between the Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs and third sector, initiated before 2009, for DE and extended this year to civil society, universities, local authorities, teacher training institutes and school inspectorates and schools.