Centre Nord-Sud - Centre Européen pour l'interdépendance et la solidarité mondiales

nº 75| Hiver 2011


Le Bulletin de l’Education à la citoyenneté mondiale est une lettre d’information électronique qui permet aux coordinateurs nationaux et aux praticiens de l’éducation à la citoyenneté mondiale (ECM) d’échanger des informations et des bonnes pratiques, des liens intéressants et du matériel pédagogique. Il sert également de support de communication aux coordinateurs nationaux du réseau de l’éducation à la citoyenneté mondiale du Centre Nord-Sud.

1.Echos du réseau de la Semaine de l’éducation à la citoyenneté mondialE et du Centre nord-sud
2.Autres actualités ECM
3.Liens Utiles
7.Spécial développement durable

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    . Cités Interculturelles - les villes peuvent-elles considérer la diversité culturelle comme une chance plutôt que comme une menace ? Comment tirent-elles parti de la diversité ? Une ville peut-elle devenir le symbole d’une identité collective dépassant les identités ethniques et religieuses ? Dans le cadre du programme conjoint du Conseil de l’Europe et de la Commission européenne "Cités interculturelles" plusieurs villes pilotes examineront leurs politiques dans la perspective interculturelle et élaboreront des stratégies interculturelles pour relever les défis d’un monde en évolution. Accompagnez ce programme à travers son bulletin d’information



    . Université de Paix : 1960-2010, 50 ans d'engagement, d'actions et de défis … en savoir plus

    . Amnesty International Norvège a créé à Oslo un Centre international pour l’éducation aux Droits de l'Homme. Cette initiative fait partie des efforts d'Amnesty International pour développer des centres d'expertise. Ce nouveau Centre international a pour but de planifier et coordonner de nouveaux programmes, d'évaluer et de développer les programmes existants et de contribuer au développement des compétences et le renforcement du vaste réseau international de coordonnateurs dans le domaine de l’éducation aux Droits de l’Homme. en savoir plus ...

    . The Human Rights Advocates Program (HRAP), founded in 1989, leverages the resources of Columbia University and those offered by New York City as a center of non-governmental organizations and international organizations to provide grassroots human rights advocates with academic, skills-building and networking opportunities. Through workshops, seminars, participation in University courses and other activities as well as meetings with policy makers and potential funders, Advocates share their experiences, reflect critically on their strategies, and plan future campaigns. … more



. Guide pratique pour l'éducation à la citoyenneté mondiale
Le Guide pratique pour l'éducation à la citoyenneté mondiale publié par  le Centre Nord-Sud  est disponible en-ligne. en savoir plus...



    Appel d’offres

    . The Global Disability Rights Library project announces a call for organizations to apply to receive a free digital Global Disability Rights Library (GDRL). Applications are open to disabled people's organizations, universities, and agencies in developing countries. Sixty organizations will receive the digital library to empower them to disseminate valuable disability rights knowledge and toolkits to their communities. More…

    Echange de bonnes pratiques

    . Forum 18 is a Christian web and e-mail initiative to provide original reporting and analysis on violations of the freedom of thought, conscience and belief of all people, whatever their religious affiliation, in an objective, truthful and timely manner.

    . The Open Society Foundations Early Childhood Program promotes healthy development and wellbeing of young children, through initiatives that emphasize parent and community engagement, professional development and government accountability. OPF work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. It activities have grown to encompass the United States and more than 70 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

    Recherche de partenariats

    . World Univeristy Service (WUS) in Germany needs your help in collecting texts on Global Education from different countries – WUS, in cooperation with the University of Mainz plans to translate relevant texts on Global/Development Education into German. WUS is therefore collecting texts in English, French, Russian, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese that either deal with GE/DE on a theoretical level or are political decisions. The texts should be of importance on a national level or for the development of GE/DE in your respective country. The texts will be published on the websites wusgermany (political) or globaleslernen (theory).
    For additional information or to send requested material please contact: Karola Hoffmann & Birgit Glindmeier, Goebenstr. 35 - 65195 Wiesbaden, Tel.: +49 (0) 611 9446170 – Fax: +49 (0) 611 446489, infostelle@usgermany.de

    Stages / formations / concours

    . European Wergeland Centre - reminder: application deadline for the Summer Academy 2011; 25 February! There are still some available places for Summer Academy: Democracy at School, which will take place in Warsaw, Poland, 9-16 July. It offers training for head teachers, teachers and NGO/parents’ representatives in the field of education for human rights and democratic citizenship.

    . HREA (Human Rights Education Associates) has launched a third introductory e-course: Human Rights in Europe. For more information about short and specialised distance learning courses offered by HREA, please visit: hrea courses. Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) is an international non-governmental organisation that supports human rights learning; the training of activists and professionals; the development of educational materials and programming; and community-building through on-line technologies.

    . The ETC (European Traning & research Centre for Human Rights & Democracy) International Summer Academy on Human Rights and Human Security 2011 will be held from 10 to 20 July 2011. Please access information about : Overview ; Objectives ; Topics ; Draft ; agenda ; Application ; Tuition / fee / payment ; Venue / accommodation ; Contact ; Flyer ... Application deadline: 31 March 2011

    . Human Rights Education Associates Distance Learning Programme : upcoming courses in the second trimester of 2011 (27 April-17 July)
    Information & application for the courses
    Since 2002, over 3,500 human rights defenders, development workers, staff members of international organisations and graduate students have successfully participated in Human Rights Education Associates (HREA)'s distance learning courses. … more

    Offres d’emploi / Bourses Universitaires

    . GLEN, the Global Education Network of young Europeans, is looking for a Network Officer (formerly European Coordinator), whose tasks will be to support the coordination of the GLEN Network. 
    The deadline for application is the 3rd March 2011, via email AND via post. You can find more information on GLEN under GLEN europe.
    For questions and further information, do not hesitate to address laure.heinrich@giz.de from the GLEN Steering Committee!



    . International Summer work camp “Global Palestine”- 6th-20th September, 2011
    This program has been designed to bring 40 individuals from around the world to Palestine in order to foster relationships, exchange skills and ideas, and progress cultural exchange in an academic setting. The international Summer camp will bring together people from around the world who are interested in experiencing the unique place and people in Palestine. Our goal is to host volunteers interested in the Middle East question, from above all,  while Palestine may seem daunting, it is also a highly rewarding environment to study firsthand. We strongly encourage motivated and serious men and women to apply. The daily program of the international summer camp consists of daily voluntary work at the campus delivered by international volunteers to local students on the topics mentioned in the link provided below. In return, the internationals will be involved in workshops that are administered by professors from our University on the Middle East issues that are of interest to them.

    . 3rd Annual Symposium on University Rankings and Quality Assurance in Europe 2011 – 14th April 2011 - DG Education and Culture, European Commission
    Event Details Website Register to Attend

    . EUROCLIO Annual Conference - register now, while there are still places available, for the EUROCLIO Annual Conference in the beautiful surroundings of Krzyzowa, Poland! From the 8 to 9 April 2011, EUROCLIO, in cooperation with its Polish partners are organizing the 18th Annual EUROCLIO Conference in the beautiful historical surroundings of the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe. This conference is an opportunity for participants to learn about cross-border history, exchange experiences with Polish and German history educators and provide input on the EUROCLIO Policy 2020. The costs for the event are € 300, - for a double room and € 350, - for a single room. This includes two nights’ accommodation (April 8-9) with breakfast at the Kryzowa Castle, the on-site conference activities, all meals, as well as pick-up from and to Wroclaw airport. Since rooms are limited, please hurry and register before February 20th. During the conference, participants will be offered an inspiring programme including guided tours of the Krzyżowa estate and the city of Wroclaw to get a unique insight into the local history and heritage,  a round-table discussion with Polish and German history educators and civil society actors to learn about cross-border initiatives in the field of history, heritage and citizenship education and an engaging workshop to create a “Compass for Responsible History Teaching” in a Globalizing Society. You can download the Draft Programme 18th Annual Conference 2011and the Background Information here. You can register online here.  For more details, please contact Maria Kazamiaki.