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Respected friends and colleagues all around Europe,

I am referring to you as an intentional applicant within call for partners for the project Youth in Action 4.5.
Zavod Voluntariat would like to invite you as our project partner.

Project summary:
Basic idea of the project is to promote inclusion and participation of young people in 12 European countries through jointly produced radio broadcasts. Each of 12 partners from 12 different countries is expected to prepare one radio broadcast, presenting their experience on youth involvement on the specific topic1.

Aim of the radio broadcasts:

    Informing young people about the topics chosen
    Informing young people about the possibilities for active participation in programmes presented
    Showing the possibilities of cooperation between European countries
    Including young people in the process of creating a radio broadcast

There will be 12 radio shows, 1 per month.
The radio show will be recorded in every partner country. In the process of project development few young people will be educated to produce a radio show. Since every final radio broadcast production will be made in Slovenia, a “young journalist” will visit the partner country where he/she will, with the help of “young journalist” in the respected country, record the show.
The show will be presented in Slovenian Radio Europa05 and will be put on the project website, which will also be part of the project.

The project website will be the main tool for reaching the target group – young people, young active citizens. The website will be developed together with advertisement agency and will include enough various interactive topics. Broad and strongly supported advertisement campaign, where also specific private firms as sponsors are expected to cooperate, will be carried out through project duration.

Project partners are expected:

    To attend the kick-off meeting together with one young volunteer, interested in radio media.
    To assist in preparing one radio show that will be recorded in the respective country.
    To translate short summary (few lines) of every radio broadcast in their languages.
    To provide us with information about organizations for the common web site.
    To attend on the final evaluation meeting.
    To be available for project coordinator during all duration of the project J

The project is planned to start in January 2009 and will last for 18 months. First 3 months are planned for preparation, while last 3 months for evaluation.

In case you are interested in the project idea as project partners, we kindly ask you to contact us as soon as possible.

For all further information do not hesitate to contact me on or my assistant Rebecca (

Warm regards,

Urska Hartman
Programme coordinator
Zavod Voluntariat

Zavod za mednarodno prostovoljno delo Voluntariat, SCI Slovenia

Resljeva 20, SI–1000 Ljubljana
telefon + 386 1 23 91 623 faks + 386 1 23 91 626 mobitel +386 31 81 39 39

1 Suggested topics: Environment, culture, migrations, gender issues, ethnic minorities, Roma people, work with young people with handicap, antiracism/anti-Semitism/xenophobia, young with less opportunities, global learning, health and intergenerational dialogue