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Benefiting from the social inclusion of vulnerable groups of Patras’ population


Τhe city of Patras, Greece, continues its efforts for the benefit of social inclusion of vulnerable groups of population. The conception and running of programmes and the implementation of projects in this respect is of vital importance.


More specifically, the project entitled "Support to Roma of Achaia" aims at the activation of Roma people in the labour market. It involves the mobilization of local bodies with a view to ensuring the creation of jobs for the Roma population after diagnosis of local needs and highlighting of the growth potential in the intervention area. As a result, a social enterprise for recycling materials will be established.


The project includes actions on coordination-management, counselling, training, networking and awareness raising. It is implemented by a Development Partnership (DP) entitled «axaia roma», coordinated by "Daphne VET". Within the DP among others, partners are the “Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning & Development - ADEP SA” and the “Social Organisation of the Municipality of Patras - KODIP”. The project falls under "Full integration of all human resources in a society of equal opportunities" axis of the “Human Resources Development " Operational Programme (2007-2013).


Very recently, another project has been approved entitled “Combating Discrimination in the Field of Entrepreneurship: Women and young Roma and Muslim immigrants” which is financed by “PROGRESS-Support to national activities aiming at combating discrimination and promoting equality” (JUST/2012/PROG/AG/AD) EU programme. Raising awareness, disseminating information and promoting the debate about the key challenges and policy issues in relation to anti-discrimination for Roma and Muslim immigrants as far as entrepreneurship is concerned, are the main objectives of the project. Mainstreaming of policies through the involvement of social partners, NGOs and relative stakeholders is also a challenge. The project is coordinated by the “National Centre for Social Research (EKKE)” and the area of Patras has been identified as a core-place at a national level, equal to the area of Athens. “Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning & Development - ADEP SA” is the local partner organization.


It is true, that these two projects are part of a “chain of on-going actions” of the Municipality of Patras (Vice-Municipality of “Support to Citizen, Volunteerism, Gender Equality & Integration of Migrants”) and its organizations, supporting the development of the intercultural character of Patras into equal opportunities for all its civil society.


For more information, please contact:

Chrissa GERAGA

ADEP SA, Head of “Programming-Networking & International affairs” dpt.