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Intercultural cities: latest updates (10/11/2015)



"Refugees welcome" – Refugee integration policies in Berlin Neukölln [10/11/2015]


Building trust in diversity: universities and cities joining forces [12/10/2015]  


Intercultural approach to urban safety [09/10/2015]  


Language policies for the intercultural city [09/10/2015]  


Recommendation CM/Rec(2015)1 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on intercultural integration [12/02/2015]  


Intercultural cities Newsletter N° 36 [29/01/2015]


Intercultural Cities policy brief: Urban policies for intercultural education [22/01/2015]


Intercultural cities Newsletter N° 35 [13/11/2014]


Civil protection in diverse societies: migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the context of major risks prevention and management by Oliver Freeman, Intercultural Management Consultant, Switzerland [11/09/2014]


Intercultural cities Newsletter N° 34 [09/09/2014]


Faith in Intercultural Cities: Recognising religions as part of local diversity, and exploring how they can contribute to the diversity advantage of cities by Dr Andrew Orton, Durham University [23/06/2014]


Intercultural cities Newsletter N° 33 [11/06/2014]


Intercultural Cities Index: Lisbon [26/05/2014]


Intercultural Cities Index: Mexico [26/05/2014]


2013 Ansan summit report, 23-25 October 2013, Ansan Arts center (Korea) [13/05/2014]


Intercultural cities Newsletter N° 32 [01/04/2014]


Video message from Juan Carlos Izagirre, Mayor of San Sebastian (+ Spanish and French[21/03/2014]


Intercultural profile: Bergen [21/03/2014]


Intercultural profile: Limassol [25/02/2014]


Intercultural cities Newsletter N° 31 [03/02/2014]


Business partnerships with migrants’ countries of origin: sharing the diversity advantage by Oliver Freeman [28/01/2014]


The Effectiveness of Intercultural Centres in creating Convivial, Diverse Public Spaces and Enhancing Community Safety - Research Report for the Council of Europe & the European Commission, Jude Bloomfield [24/01/2014]


2014 ICC Work plan [20/01/2014]


You Scratch My Back: Good Practices of Diversity Advantage [16/01/2014]


Intercultural cities Index: Coimbra (Spain) [13/01/2014]



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