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N°39, September 2015



- Diversity wins – Equal marriage in Ireland ;

- Migrantour > Intercultural Urban Routes ;

- Enhancing Teachers’ Intercultural Competence through collaborative learning: A work-based action research intervention in Greece using C4i methodology ;

- The fascinating tale of Lewisham - an intercultural city in the making ;

- Welcome to our city ;

- Interculturalism in Cities ;

- Spanish National Congress endorses the intercultural approach ;

- Valletta Living Together: Enriching 450 years as a Bastion of Diversity ;


Already published...

N°38, May 2015



- Communication for integration (C4i): about us ;

- Why an anti-rumours strategy? ;

- Amadora (Portugal): promoting "expression through art" and “positive dialogue” ;

- Bilbao (Spain): Anti-Rumour Web Application ;

- Botkyrka (Sweden): Anti-rumours cafés ;

- Erlangen (Germany): Anti-rumour Picnic Banquet ;

- Limerick (Ireland): Anti-rumour modules incorporated into education curriculum ;

- Loures (Portugal): change the image of a neighbourhood ;

- Determined to produce impact, reaching out to change… ;

- Creative ways to collect rumours: Lublin (Poland) v. Nuremberg (Germany) ;

- Patras (Greece): dispelling rumours in prison ;

- Sabadell (Spain): Co-existence rap

N°37, April 2015



- The “Intercultural Capital of Ukraine” develops a new strategy;

- The association "Coexister": jews, christians, muslims, atheists and agnostics... act together in Europe!;

- Lisbon celebrates the World Interfaith Harmony Week and the Chinese New Year ;

- Joining the Dots: Promoting Interculturalism Through Seed Funding and Strategic Engagement ;

- Engaging with faith and convictional communities in the Intercultural city;

- Toward an intercultural society in Japan ;

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N°36, February 2015 - Special issue on Education



- Neukölln turns a failing school into a site of educational excellence;

- An approach to inter-cultural education that works: the example of Théodore Monod vocational school in Noisy-le-Sec;

- Is European society growing more intolerant of diversity?;

- Anti-rumour agents trained in Amadora’s school;

- Urban policies for intercultural education;

- Are you interculturally competent?;

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- FOCUS: Intercultural Cities model endorsed by 47 States.

N°35, November 2014



- EuroPride Human Right conference – Oslo sets the agenda ;

- Results/ Outcome of the workshop on civil protection in diverse societies;

- Migrant enterpreneurs crucial for Lombardy’s economy ;

- Intercultural Melitopol in Support of Integrated Ukraine;

- An intercultural tool for museums;

- Valletta and Reykjavik join Intercultural cities;

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N°34, September 2014



- Dublin fights racism and discrimination in public transport;

- The intercultural approach to Roma inclusion: Neukölln’s Story of Success;

- Stavanger – welcoming internationals to the city;

- Lisbon: TODOS Caminhada de Culturas – 12-14 September 2014;

- Reggio Emilia – Burkina Faso: the true spirit of co-development;

- Euro-Iberoamerican dialogue on diversity: how can cities realise the diversity advantage;

- Patras working for the benefit of co-creation;

- Intercultural Museum in Melitopol as a centre of social cohesion;

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N°33, June 2014



- SAFE: School Approaches for Family Empowerment;

- OXLO Business Charter;

- Reggio Emilia - a local framework pact for the requalification of the railway station zone;

- Interactive Skills for Refugee Employment Project;

- Lyon - The "Fabuleuses traversées" of the final year pupils at Jean Giono primary school;

- Spotlight on Intercultural Tenerife;

- Lublin (Poland) intercultural action;

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N°32, April 2014



- Limerick joins Intercultural cities and launches an action plan "Towards Intercultural Limerick";

- Launching the C4i – Communication for Integration;

- DELI: Cities maximising benefits of diverse end inclusive entrepreneurship;

- Bergen joins Intercultural Cities;

- Donostia/San Sebastian engaged deeply with diversity ;

- Mixed urban spaces to reduce prejudice;

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N°31, February 2014



- Business partnerships with migrants’ countries of origin: sharing the diversity advantage;

- Rumours in Botkyrka – a study of common rumours which harm an intercultural Botkyrka;

- Santa Maria da Feira: Diversity and migration as a door to new markets;

- Master in Immigration Management in Barcelona;

- Mediation as a key-factor for intercultural inclusion in Patras;

- Intercultural Centres: enhancing diversity in the public space & community safety;

- Executive Training Seminar: Principles of Equality and Challenges of Discrimination Problems and Effective Remedies

- Italy’s Ministry for Integration signs agreement with National Network of Intercultural Cities;

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N°30, December 2013



- MultiWalks: a smartphone App revealing Europe's neighbourhood stories, through walks made by artists;

- Fifth edition of the Festival "ALL – Walk of Cultures" 2013;

- 14 Spanish municipalities signed the first Living together Charter;

- Bilbao City Council improves the results obtained in the Intercultural Cities Index by implementing the ICC recommendations and best practice guidelines;

- Are you interculturally competent?;

- Diversity in Hessen;

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N°29, October 2013



- Berlin-Neukölln’s strategy for Roma inclusion: an intercultural approach;

- A diversity advantage story: Dutch city hires Polish psychology experts;

- Intercultural Melitopol: measuring cultural empathy;

- The three strands of intercultural policies: a comprehensive view;

- Demography and Migration: an Outlook for the 21st century;

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N°28, July 2013



- NEUCHÀTOI 2013: Cultural Interaction To Overcome Cultural Barriers;

- Copenhagen’s Host Programme facilitates the integration process;

- Mexican Congresswoman Aleida Alavez proposed the first law on interculturality and population at a national level;

- Benefiting from the social inclusion of vulnerable groups of Patras’ population;

- Rotterdam has joined the Intercultural Cities network ;

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N°27, May 2013



- Growth through diversity in Copenhagen;

- The Immigrant Council of Ireland recently rolled out the campaign to mark the European Week against Racism!;

- An Intercultural Vision for Hamamatsu – Shining into the Future;

- Oslo Extra Large: Measuring Up, Making Diversity Count;

- Campi Bisenzio’s Launches Forum for New Citizens;

- 5th meeting of the RECI-Spanish Network of Intercultural Cities ;

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N°26, March 2013



- Milestone event in Dublin: a new impetus for the Intercultural cities approach;

- Immigration city Erlangen. Revising the relationship between migrant and receiving societies;

- A more inclusive ICC network for Portugal;

- SONETOR Seminar - Contribution of intercultural mediators to the social inclusion of migrants;

- Building Intercultural Strategies with Citizens: The Community Based Results Accountability Approach;

- Strong gesture to promote civic rights of children of foreign parents;

- Laboratorio Diritti Fondamentali publishes report on right to health;

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N°25, January 2013



- Diversity opportunities flourish in Oslo Extra Large;

- Asia-Europe Intercultural cities summit in Hamamatsu (Japan);

- Asserting the diversity advantage;

- Fourth meeting of RECI – Spanish Intercultural cities network;

- GRITIM-UPF Numbers 13 and 14 are online !;

- Standing for Intercultural Mixing and Participation among Migrants in Italy;

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N°24, October 2012



- Better and Inclusive Neighbourhoods for all on Tenerife Island (Spain) ;

- Reggio Emilia adopts an intercultural strategy and confirms its reputation as an open, safe and collaborative city;

- Community-based business support in London Lewisham;

- 2012 Intercultural Innovation Award ;

- A Space for diversity Exchange in Dublin (Ireland) ;

- Diversity advantage in NGOs;

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N°23, September 2012



- An Intercultural Platform for Democratic Change in Lutsk (Ukraine);

- The Intercultural Approach to Counter an Anti-Immigrant Mood in Sweden;

- Facebook for participation: the Wedecide platform;

- The impact of Intercultural cities in Izhevsk: added value of the programme had for the city ;

- Cultural diversity and openness – central to the new Lublin 2020 Strategy;

- Blog on the ICC symposium "Intercultural Urban Planning and Place making";

- Communication about the diversity advantage works!;

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N°22, June 2012



- The Getxo (Spain) intercultural awareness programme;

- Teach Diversity to Me!;

- Satellite dishes become colourful dots on grey façades in Sweden;

- HOTEL Gelem: an artistic intervention with Roma families and visitors against racism and exclusion;

- What shows that I am interculturally competent?;

- An ethos of hospitality: the Belfast friendship club;

- Reviving a declining Norwegian community by attracting migrants;

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N°21, April 2012



- A library to Foster Intercultural Learning in Amsterdam;

- Committing to diversity: Neuchâtel’s citizenship charter;

- Youth photography for interculturalism: launch in Patras;

- A handbook on Tolerance and Cultural Diversity in Europe;

- Debate on "Intercultural City: Building an inclusive Identity";

- Joint the "Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion" campaign ;

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N°20, March 2012



- You are REALLY welcome: the experience of the Hamburg Welcome Centre;

- Brewing Innovation: Intercultural Practices from Delft;

- Diversity - a way out of the crisis?;

- Migrant/Minority civic engagement and participation in Reggio Emilia;

- Making a difference in intercultural conflict: the Ballynafeigh centre in Belfast;

- About Shaping perceptions and attitudes to realise the diversity advantage (SPARDA);

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N°19, February 2012



- The international policies of the intercultural city – Reggio Emilia signs a co-operation agreement with Morocco ;

- New impetus for intercultural policy in Patras!;

- GETXO (Spain): Discussion Forum on interculturality and strategies for the management of diversity;

- The use of digital mapping for intercultural policy-making ;

- Intercultural Spaces and Centres ;

- Tokyo Declaration on a Partnership between Intercultural Cities ;

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N°18, November 2011



- Young people make a difference in Lewisham;

- Exploring intercultural competence;

- GETXO (Spain): Discussion Forum on interculturality and strategies for the management of diversity;

- Intercultural Dublin;

- The results of a large EU-funded research project confirm the principles underpinning Intercultural cities;

- Constructing an inclusive institutional culture - Intercultural competences in cultural services (2011);

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N°17, October 2011



- The biggest web page in the world – Lyon says yes to diversity;

- The Contribution of Outsiders to Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Cities ;

- Cohen-Emerique M. (2011) - Pour une approche interculturelle en travail social, Théories et pratiques, Rennes, Presses de l’EHESP;

- Expert visit and study visit to the city of Izhevsk 2011: Overview;

- Social Entrepreneurship as a Space for Intercultural Communication and Innovation;

- Sharing radio programmes about migration ;

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N°16, September 2011



- Ireland: Health Service Executive Intercultural Guide;

- The reality is diverse - the policy is intercultural;

- Making the Most of Diversity - Profile of Intercultural Innovators;

- Comics strips for diversity in Kosovo;

- The Lewisham Conversation;

- Travelling around the World without leaving Lisbon;

- Migrants and their descendants: Guide to policies for the well-being of all in pluralist societies.

N°15, June 2011



- Barcelona fights cultural prejudice and stereotypes;

- Poitiers developing an intercultural reception/integration policy;

- Berlin - Intercultural by Law;

- Intercultural Cities recently hosted a seminar within the World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Baku (7-9 April 2011);

- Community Based Results Accountability for the Intercultural Cities - three cities, three experiences, a lot of similarities;

- Spain: 1st meeting of the National Intercultural Cities network.

N°14, April 2011



- The Intercultural cities family expands! ;

- The interactive Intercultural cities index is now on-line;

- Intercultural cities on social media;

- Reggio 3.0 - A platform to voice all of the inhabitants opinions!;

- Intercultural cities connects with the USA.

N°13, February 2011



- Toronto taps into migrant employment pool;

- European Museums and Interculture – Responding to Challenges in a Globalized World;

- Melitopol - inspiring a national intercultural network ;

- The Intercultural Cities Index and Cities in Catalonia;

- Discussing Intercultural Cities in Tokyo;

- Copenhagen takes its intercultural engagement further ;

- Italian Intercultural Cities Network - maximizing the minority advantage!

N°12, October 2010



- Mexico City: a law to embed interculturality in the city policies;

- A neighbourhood as an intercultural laboratory: the TODOS Walk of Cultures Festival, Lisbon (16-19 September 2010);

- Izhevsk: learning from the past, looking to the future;

- Reggio Emilia proposes legal reform;

- Spain implements a practical approach to managing diversity!;

- Patras and Limassol: Two Cities, One project-One aim- Interculturalism!;

- Internationalisation of OPENCITIES;

- Conference "Cities Promoting Equality and Solidarity" Conference "Cities Promoting Equality and Solidarity"

N°11, July 2010



- The first national network of Intercultural Cities;

- The Intercultural City Index;

- Designing an Intercultural Park. Results of the International Master Class, Stadslab Melitopol 2010;

- From multicultural perspectives to intercultural dialogue: A workshop for combing media production methods in Ukraine;

- Intercultural Consultation and Participation: Ignore at your own peril!;

- Intercultural Family Residential Model Brunnenhof;

- International Cities of Migrants Conference - The Hague, 3-4 October 2010;

- ELAC - European Local Authorities Competition on Good Practices on the Support for Migrant Elders’ Initiatives.

N°10, May 2010



- Youth magazine 5+: Fostering Interculturalism and Benefiting from Linguistic Diversity;

- Interview with Luca Cianfriglia, director of the Gate Project Porta Palazzo;

- Museums are boring!;

- Barcelona, not yet a member but one of the club;

- Intercultural Cities Book Published!;

- Lausanne Launches Intercultural Fund;

- Intercultural policies of the modern city.

N°9, February 2010



- Intercultural Oslo;

- Intercultural cities in Japan;

- Forum of Intercultural Cities in Bari ;

- Neuchâtel: intercultural integration in action;

- New initiatives and intercultural projects in Lublin;

- Stadslab in Melitopol - Designing an Intercultural Park;

- From all over the world happy in an Italian town.

N°8, October 2009



- Intercultural Lyon;

- Pigeonholing by the media;

- Neukölln kids win first price at the Carnival of Cultures with an intercultural float;

- Euronews to broadcast reports on pilot intercultural cities;

- Intercultural city network exchanges.

N°7, June 2009



- The intercultural cities journey;

- Towards a new intercultural strategy for Barcelona;

- Intercultural strategies, the example of VIC (Spain);

- Intercultural dialogue and the fight against discrimination – Contrasting media perspectives from Europe

N°6, May 2009



- Special file on the Conference "Managing Diversity", Tilburg (15-17 April 2009).



N°5, January 2009



- Highlights of an eventful year;

- Patras, a tradition of hospitality and interculturally aware leadership;

- In other cities…: Study visit to Barcelona and Malmedi initiative;

- Tilburg joins intercultural cities

N° 4, September 2008



- Citizenship and participation in the intercultural city;

- Oslo Extra Large;

- Berlin Neukölln Culture and communication as a key to the intercultural city;

- Integration in Neuchâtel – an innovative tradition - Interview with Thomas Facchinetti, Commissioner for Foreign Nationals of the Canton of Neuchâtel.

N° 3, June 2008



- The Council of Europe adopts a White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue;

- Neuchâtel in focus;

- Belfast visits Berlin;

- Italy launches a call to select the Italian City of Dialogue.

N° 2, May 2008



- The Intercultural Lens;

- Media Diversity Institute: MDI’s mission in a nutshell;

- Reggio Emilia in focus;

- Intercultural Cities conference.

N° 1, February 2008



- Profile: Phil Wood;

- Partnership with Eurocities;

- Lublin – First pilot Intercultural City;

- Intercultural Cities Conference, Liverpool (1-3 May 2008)

- The intercultural city: a rough definition