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The Italian Network of Intercultural Cities

On September 21, the municipality of Reggio Emilia with the support of the Intercultural cities programme of the Council of Europe and the European Commission hosted the second meeting of the Italian intercultural cities. Nine aldermen for integration policies representing the following Italian cities (Genova, Torino, Savignano sul Rubicone, Fermo, Pompei, Lodi, Senigallia, Bari, Campi Bisenzio and Reggio Emilia) took part in the meeting.


The preliminary meeting was held on 22 May 2010. Since than considerable progress has been made. First, each city adopted a resolution which enable it, even from a legal point of view, to join the Italian network. Furthermore, a charter establishing the network has been signed and an action plan has been launched.


By signing the above mentioned document cities agree to work on topics like integration and immigration policies. More in details, the ten municipalities value the fundamental role of cities in promoting cultural identities, diversity and intercultural understanding and set up tools and practices promoting the interaction between ethnically and linguistically diverse cultural groups.


Cities also seek to develop intercultural competence within local institutions, public services, citizens, civil society, schools and media.


Three different workshops have been organised for the Italian Network of Intercultural cities. They will cover:


"intercultural and linguistic training for municipal officers";

"best practices" policies to maximize the potential of second generation migrants;

as well social mediation in neighbourhoods.


Interactive map of participating cities

Click on the name of the cities to discover their intercultural profiles and activities.




Charter of the Italian Network of Intercultural Cities: original version in Italian | English version

Step-By-Step guide: Italian version

Reggio Emilia: Programme 2012-2014 for local government on intercultural dialogue and implementation of Council of Europe recommendations


Past meetings

" Donne Migranti e salute" - San Giuliano Terme, 11 May 2013

"Il diritto alla cittą. Aspettative e bisogni dei cittadini stranieri immigrati" - Pizzo Calabro, 20 April 2013

  Scuola di Buone Prassi,  Reggio Emilia, 19-20 November 2012

Campi Bisenzio, 8 September 2012

Milano, 25 May 2012

Lodi, 20 April 2012

Reggio Emilia, 5-7 October 2011

Senigallia, 10 May 2011

Campi Bisenzio, 19 March 2011

Torino, 27-28 January 2011

Genova, 21 October 2010

Fermo, 17 November 2010

Savignano sul Rubicone, 26 November 2010

Turin, 3 December 2010



National Convention of intercultural centers, 10-11 October 2013 – Casa delle Culture of Arezzo


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Official website of the Italian Network