Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Element of an intercultural city strategy: Education



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Tilburg, Netherlands

Rainbow school in Tilburg: "colorful and excellent"

   Recognition of the multi-ethnic identity at the school level


Geneva, Switzerland

'Whole family' approach

   Children-parents cooperation for a better integration


Subotica, Serbia

Breaking down the sectarian divides in society

   Adoption of a common history curriculum to address inter-community tensions


Oslo, Norway

Gamlebeyn Skole: diversity in cultures and arts

   Promotion of cultural and intercultural education to counteract "white flight" phenomenon in kindergartens


Barcelona, Spain

Teaching respect for diversity in classrooms

   Intercultural approach to education to insure peaceful coexistence of diverse communities


Zürich, Switzerland

QUIMS programme: Quality In Multicultural Schools

   Special education programmes for migrants to reduce inequality in education


Toronto, Canada

Bridging the gap between “New” and native Canadians

   Equal opportunities approach in education


Intercultural Cities

Intercultural Integration Model




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