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The Spanish Network of Intercultural Cities

The objective of the Spanish Intercultural cities network is to foster understanding of the challenges of cultural diversity among urban policy makers and civil society in Spanish cities. The network will apply the Intercultural cities methodology for reviewing and enhancing local integration efforts based on the concepts of interculturality and diversity advantage. These concepts focus on public discourse, perceptions of diversity and community relations; cultural literacy and intercultural innovation as key components of good governance and policy-making in diverse communities; and mediated intercultural mixing in public space and organisations.


The specific objective of the network is to facilitate the exchange experiences between member cities in order to encourage further development of intercultural policies and practices.


Map of participating cities

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Recomendación CM / Rec (2015) 1 del Comité de Ministros [es]

Interculturalidad: concepto, alcances y derecho [es]

La importancia de una cultura de red local intercultural:la experiencia RECI [es]

Guía práctica para aplicar el modelo urbano de integración intercultural

"Spheres of diversities: From concept to policy" - Ricard Zapata-Barrero [es]

Manual para el diseño políticas interculturales [es]

Proposición no de ley sobre ciudades interculturales [es]


Previous meetings

Experts visit, Santa Coloma de Gramanet, 4-5 December 2014

RECI: 7th meeting - Bilbao, 17 September 2014

Red de Ciudades Interculturales 5a Jornada de Trabajo - Fuenlabrada, 25 April 2013 (Statement | Summary)

2012 Working plan

Barcelona, 21-22 September 2012

Sabadell, 20 September 2012

Bilbao, 13 April 2012

Barcelona, 25 November 2011

Barcelona, 15 June 2011



RECI meeting, Barcelona, February 2015



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