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Facebook for participation: the Wedecide platform


Many cities today wish to to engage citizens in public decision-making. The question is, how to ensure that politicians are supportive and sustain a high rate of participation.


Wedecide is a platform that allows to deal with these issues and enables cities to directly engage citizens in policy-making. The process starts with decision-makers setting up a specific challenge - an issue they are committed to work on, and one that public has some knowledge about. Then, citizens have access for 3-5 weeks to come up with new ideas, or develop each others' ideas on Wedecide platform.


During this process, ideas are continuously reviewed and citizens receive feedback from decision-makers on how to improve ideas if they are not mature. As a result, a number of the ideas raised are declared winners by decision-makers, and citizens win points based on their participation on the winning ideas.


The service is available as an add-on to the city Facebook page. Being on Facebook improves participation, and project visibility - as most of the users are already on Facebook almost every day. Cities can develop projects with their citizens online, and showcase how they value and co-create with their communities.


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