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Spain: 1st meeting of the National Intercultural Cities network


The first meeting of the National Intercultural Cities network took place on 15 June in Barcelona (agenda). Due to the holding of local elections in Spain shortly before the meeting, only 5 of the expected 10 cities could participate (Barcelona, San Sebastian, Fuenlabrade, Cartagena and Sabadell). Cities presented their current policies and discussed their results of the Intercultural cities Index.


They cities agreed on the following action plan:

hold at least three meetings to discuss the following themes: political leadership; media and communication; identifying with natural community leaders; young people, second generation. The results will be reported at the final Intercultural cities conference in early 2013;

continue work on the Intercultural cities index and help improve it so that it becomes an even more useful working tool;

set up a web site of the network with references to relevant city documents;

look into using social networks to promote the intercultural approach and engage more cities and other stakeholders;

prepare a handbook on intercultural urban policy with examples from member cities;

enlarge the network.


Ricard Zapata from the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration (GRITIM-UPF) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain) is coordinator and main Network adviser. La Caixa, one of the largest banks in Spain, which supports the network, was also represented. La Caixa has been carrying out intercultural projects for years, such as training of intercultural mediators or the current intercultural community development project in 17 neighbourhoods across Spain.


Photo Ricard Zapata