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Welcome to the database of the Council of Europe.

The database is endowed with a search engine which, through a pre-defined search, a simple search with a password or an advanced search with different criteria, will allow you to access all of the documents, publications and reports made available to the public by the Pompidou Group.

We are endeavouring to integrate this database of documents produced over the last ten years, with the exception of ISBN publications (available from the Council of Europe online Bookshop or from the Pompidou Group).

If by following the above process it is still not possible to locate the document that you are searching for, we would be grateful if you could contact us by email

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Pre-defined search
To access the pre-defined search tool by activity sector, you will find below, for each of the Pompidou Group's activities, a direct access towards the search result required:

Criminal justice
Airports (the documents of this platform are confidential)
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To make the search on the totality of documents, you can use simple search (with one or more keywords), advanced search (using keywords, dates, themes, references, authors etc.) or full text search.

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