"Conference on Stimulant Abuse Treatment"

Conference, Strasbourg, 10-12 May 2010

A Conference on stimulant abuse treatment, in Strasbourg on 10-12 May 2010, was attended by 70 policy makers, experts on treatment and representatives of international organisations and NGOs from 20 countries of Europe. The conference considered a variety of topics such as: the recent research findings on basic mechanisms and clinical effects of stimulants, epidemiology, comorbidity, pharmacological and psychosocial treatment modalities, polydrug use phenomenon, users' involvement, different target groups, prevention, reduction of harm and training of professionals.

There is a clear need for constant monitoring of ever changing trends and modalities of stimulant use across Europe. The conference discussed promising research results in pharmacological treatment of stimulant users and stressed the importance of combining increased pharmacological possibilities with psychosocial treatment.

The participants reiterated the need for harm measures as an integral part of approaches to tackle the problem. The conference pointed out that user groups are not adequately involved in finding more effective solutions to problems created by stimulants use. International cooperation is necessary to further develop treatment guidelines and further training of professionals in health, social, law enforcement should become a priority in Europe.

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