"Guidelines and Recommendations in Drug Treatment"

Conference, Nicosia, 11-13 May 2009

The Pompidou Group in cooperation with the Cyprus Antidrugs Council held a conference on Guidelines and Recommendations in Drug Treatment in Nicosia, Cyprus on 11-13 May 2009. Over 100 participants from 21 European countries tried to tackle the issue of how to bridge the gap between clinical practice and evidence-based practice in drug treatment. The conference offered direct insights in to how guidelines and recommendations on drugs treatment are developed and implemented in Europe.

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Presentations - 11 May 2009

Plenary - The Guideline Science in Europe
suite Gabrielle Welle-Strand, Norway
suite Roland Simon, Portugal

Workshop - The National Choices/Experiences
suite Thomas Kuhlmann, Germany
suite Helle Petersen, Denmark
suite Stanislav Mokhnachev, Russia

Workshop - The Process of making guidelines
suite Geurt van de Glind, The Netherlands
suite Emmanuel Nouyrigat, France
suite Marina Kuzman, Croatia

Workshop - Involvement of Users' groups and late bloomers
suite Theo Wessel, Germany
suite Jose Padua, Portugual

Plenary - Evidence-based and experience-based guidelines
suite Signe Flottorp, Norway
suite Ueli Simmel, Switzerland (in French)
Presentations - 12 May 2009

Plenary - What kind of evidence should be used?
suite Laura Amato, Italy
suite Ulf Malmstrom, Sweden

Plenary - Implementation - How to stimulate/ensure the guidelines are being used?
suite Mirrian Smolders, The Netherlands
suite Nicolas Clark, Switzerland

Workshop - Is it possible to make too many guidelines?
suite Luke Mitcheson, United Kingdom
suite Robert Haemmig, Switzerland
suite Augusto Consoli, Italy

Workshop - Implementation and other issues
suite Michael J Kelleher, United Kingdom
suite Barbara Broers, Switzerland

Workshop - Implementation Strategy
suite Robert Haemmig, Switzerland
suite Mieke Autrique, Belgium
suite Mirrian Smolders, The Netherlands

Workshop - Economic aspects of the guideline process
suite Andres Lehtmets, Estonia
suite Barnabas Margitai, Hungary

Workshop - Ethical and legal aspects of the guideline process
suite Argyris Argriou, Cyprus
suite Brion Sweeney, Ireland
suite Gabrielle Welle-Strand, Norway
Presentations - 13 May 2009

Plenary - The resources needed to make guidelines
suite Olivier Phan, France
suite Kathy McAuley, Ireland

Plenary - International guidelines
suite Ambros Uchtenhagen, Switzerland
suite Andrej Kastelic, Slovenia