Calendar 2014
This calendar is regularly updated.
15-17, Brussels TDO 4 Conference on Gambling
21, Paris Airports 2014 Preparatory meeting
22, Paris General aviation, preparatory meeting
22, Paris Expert group on Using drugs at the work place
6-7, Paris Expert group on E-learning for the prosecutors
17, Paris Working group on indicators / coherent policy
19, Budapest Prison drugs treatment systems overview
3, Paris Drug at work place, steering group
3-7, Oslo Egyptian delegation Study visit on Treatment Indicator
4-5, Berlin Preparatory meeting of the Needs assessment seminar 2014 Executive Training
26-27, Sarajevo Workshop on addiction treatment - Regional meeting for South East Europe
1, Paris Meeting of establishment of the MedSPAD Committee
2, Paris 1st PC Bureau Meeting
3, Paris Expert Group on Gender treatment
12-14, Budapest Needs assessment seminar 2014 TI
14-15, Strasbourg Working Group on Cybercrime
16, Paris Drug at work place, steering group
27-28, Strasbourg Joint conference with World Health Organisation on Health in Prisons
2, Strasbourg 15th Plenary of MedNET Network
3-4, Strasbourg   74th PCs meeting
17-18, Berlin Prep. meeting for TI 2014 Qualifying seminar
26, Tunis Prevention of addiction seminar
18-20, Strasbourg 2014 Plenary meeting of Airports Group
26, Kyiv Launching of the Drug Prevention video in Ukraine
30, Paris Expert group on Using drugs at the work place
28-29, Strasbourg 2014 European Drug prevention Prize Jury Meeting
8-12, Athens Qualifying seminar 2014 Executive Training
11-12, Kiev International Conference: Reducing the demand for drugs - improving human life in Kiev
15, Budapest Drug Treatment in Prisons Study Review meeting
22, Rome Meeting of the experts group on abuse of prescription drug by women
24-26, Strasbourg Annual meeting of the Precursors diversion network. Palais de l’Europe – Room 7
29-30, Istanbul South East Europe Regional workshop
1, Paris 2nd MedSPAD Committee
2, Paris MedSPAD Algeria
9-10, Kiev Drug Prevention Parenting Skills
15-16, Strasbourg Conference on Using drugs at the work Place
17, Paris 2nd PC Bureau Meeting
28-29, Strasbourg Second Meeting of the Working Group on Cybercrime  - Room G01 (Agora)
3, Tirana Regional meeting – Publication on Treatment
18, Strasbourg 16th Plenary meeting of MedNET Network
19, Strasbourg 75th Permanent Correspondents meeting
19-20, Strasbourg Pompidou Group Ministerial Conference
1-2, Lisbon Executive Training 2014 - Evaluation Meeting