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European human rights officials voice serious concerns over changes to Polish laws on freedom of assembly

05/12/2016 Strasbourg

European human rights officials today expressed serious concern over legal amendments passed last week in the Polish Sejm that could undermine the right to freedom of assembly if they become law. Urging the Polish parliament to reconsider amendments to the law governing public assemblies, Michael...

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Human Rights Comment

Why remembering the Holocaust is a human rights imperative

18/10/2016 Strasbourg

The Shoah stands out as one of the defining moments of history that has shaped the conscience of mankind. It is unique in its roots, implementation and envisioned totality. During my mandate as Commissioner for Human Rights, I have attended a number of ceremonies of commemoration of the victims...

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Poland: Commissioner concerned about bill on the Constitutional Tribunal

08/07/2016 Strasbourg

“I am very concerned at the adoption by the Polish Sejm of a bill on the Constitutional Tribunal yesterday because it poses a serious threat to the rule of law. In my recent report on Poland, I expressed concern at the current paralysis of the Constitutional Tribunal because of its negative...

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Visit report

Erosion of rule of law threatens human rights protection in Poland

15/06/2016 Warsaw

“Recent far-reaching changes to Poland’s legal and institutional framework threaten human rights and undermine the rule of law, on which the protection of human rights ultimately depends. Lawmakers and the Government should urgently change course”, said today Nils Muižnieks, the Council of Europe...

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Visit to Poland

Poland: slow down and consult on legislation to avoid human-rights backsliding

12/02/2016 Warsaw

"Human rights compliant legislation requires time and thorough consultation” said the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižnieks, at the end of a four-day visit to Poland reviewing the effectiveness of the country's framework for the protection of human rights, the...

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Call on Polish President not to sign new Media Law

05/01/2016 Strasbourg

I call on the President of the Republic of Poland not to sign the law on Public Service Media governance and to uphold the independence of Poland’s public service television and radio. The law worryingly places public service media under direct government control by giving the latter the powers...

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Polish authorities submit interim report on Commissioner’s Recommendations

[16/04/09] The Polish authorities have recently provided the Commissioner with an interim report on the progress made in implementing the Commissioner's 19 recommendations for improvement of the human rights situation in the country. Following Commissioner Hammarberg's visit to Poland in December...

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Commissioner Hammarberg on official visit to Poland

[29/05/08 16:00] Commissioner Hammarberg started a three-day contact visit to Poland today to discuss the human rights situation in the country, focusing mainly on the government's execution of the European Court of Human Rights judgments, prison conditions, judicial appointments and...

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"Irena Sendler - the good conscience of Poland"

13/05/07 11:30] "The message that Irena Sendler has left this world brings a deep sorrow. But also a reminder that one individual can mean so much for the rest of us. As a young social worker in the occupied Poland she committed herself to trying to save Jewish children from the nazi...

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Thomas Hammarberg discusses Poland memorandum with PM Kaczynski

[29/06/07 18:30] The Commissioner visited Poland to hold high-level meetings following his recent Memorandum on the Polish human rights situation. Mr Hammarberg met with Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro, and Ombudsman Janusz Kochanowski. He also discussed...

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