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Country visit

Invest in education and language acquisition to build a cohesive society, says Commissioner Muižnieks in Skopje

02/02/2018 Skopje

“The Macedonian authorities should implement policies that encourage interaction and understanding between ethnic communities and promote social cohesion while protecting diversity,” said the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižnieks, after a five-day follow-up visit to “the...

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Country visit report

Bridging interethnic divisions should be a top priority in “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”

09/04/2013 Strasbourg

"Several milestones have been reached since the signing of the Ohrid Framework agreement which ended the 2001 conflict, including in the areas of local government, the use of languages and equitable representation. However, deep politicisation along party lines and political patronage undermine...

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Country visit

Human rights of Roma and social cohesion should be strengthened, says Commissioner Muižnieks in Skopje

29/11/2012 Strasbourg

"The authorities of "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" should address more vigorously the factors which continue to undermine social cohesion in this multiethnic country. Targeted initiatives should be developed to build trust and promote social interaction between the communities, as...

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