European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)

National specialised bodies to combat racism and racial discrimination

ECRI is convinced that specialised commissions, ombudsmen or other institutions, whose mandates cover racism and racial discrimination, play a very important role in combating racism and intolerance at national level. ECRI has therefore always promoted the creation of such bodies in countries where they do not exist or their strengthening in countries where they exist already, as reflected in its country reports and in its General Policy Recommendations N 2 and N 7.

At the same time national specialised bodies are strategic partners of ECRI in the fight against racism and intolerance and ECRI therefore aims to strengthen its links and working relationships with them, including through the organisation of regular seminars.

General Policy Recommendation N 2

General Policy Recommendation N 7

Seminars with national specialised bodies

List of national specialised bodies