The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

CEPEJ: Experts reports

Judicial timeframes

Report on "Practical ways of combating delays in the justice system, excessive workloads of judges and case backlogs", report by Dr Pim ALBERS (Netherlands), Ms Ivana BORZOVA (Czech Republic) and Prof. Dr. Burkhardt HESS (Germany)

"Users of the justice system vis--vis the slowness of justice: how to react?", report by Mrs Gabriela THOMA-TWAROCH (Austria)

"Delay in judicial proceedings : a preliminary inquiry into the relation between the demands of the reasonable time requirements of article 6, 1 ECHR and their consequences for judges and judicial administration in the civil, criminal and administrative justice chains", preliminary draft report by Mr Marco FABRI (Italy) and Mr Philip M. LANGBROEK (Netherlands)

"Steps introduced by the Supreme Court of Cyprus for eliminating delays", contribution by Mr Loukis SAVVIDES (Cyprus)


Judicial systems and terrorism

The Role of Lawyers in Judicial Proceedings in Europe, report prepared by Ms I. Andoulsi (in co-operation with the CCBE)

Evaluation Report on the efficiency of the national judicial systems in their responses to terrorism, document prepared by Mr Ph. de KOSTER (Belgium)  


Councils of Justice

"Councils for the Judiciary in EU countries" by Prof. Wim VOERMANS and Dr Pim ALBERS