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25 octobre 2010



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25 October 2010
Afternoon presentation for employees of the Ministry of Justice and national members of the European Judicial Network-civil of developments litigation. In particular, presentation of the E-justice portal, presentation of the centralisation of the European Executorial Title in one court, presentation of typical legal problems to implement EU civil law regulation in Dutch law, presentation of organisation in the judiciary to cope with cross border legal questions.

27 October 2010
Day for students and legal professions in the Aachen, Maastricht, Hasselt aerea. In the morning judges from Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands play a court simulation for students in the area. There will be discussion between students and judges about the typical differences in the different countries. A lunch is provided for by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, as well as the simultaneous translation German-Dutch, all day. This to enable a good communication between the participants.

The afternoon will be dedicated to the developments in protection of consumers in cross border trading. Speakers from the European Consumer Centre, the university and the Dutch consumer protection agency. Invited are students and the legal professions in the particular Belgian, German and Dutch area.

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