The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

European Day of Civil Justice

25 October 2010




Event for the pupils in order to commemorate Day of the Constitution and Day of Civil Justice
„What I know about the judge?”

Location: Regional courts
25 October, 10 am
Duration 2–2,5 hours

Participants: Groups of pupils together with teachers

Organisers - Communication division of the National Courts Administration of Lithuania
Representatives of the regional courts


Part I. Court room
- Greetings of the chairman of the court
- Presentation „What I know about the judge?“

Part II. Presentation of the court
- Walking around the court and visiting court rooms and offices of judges

Part III. Court room
- Lecture „The Constitution – foundation of the state ruled by law” (history, facts and etc.)
- Competition on the information received from the presentations
- Sum up of the results. The right answers are going to be discussed by chairman
- Award of the winner (The Constitution with the regards from the chairman of the court)
- Photo of schoolchildren with chairman



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