Migration and Human Rights


In line with the Framework for the Council of Europe Work on the Migration Issues (SG/Inf(2011)10 – hereafter Migration Framework) a Migration Co-ordination service (hereafter Migration Co-ordination) was set up to co-ordinate, facilitate and pursue the work of the Council of Europe as regards migration, and more specifically 1) integration of migrants (including combating xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination as well as promoting migrants’ participation in and interaction with the receiving societies) 2) the human rights dimension of asylum and return procedures and 3) integration of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Therefore, in addition to co-ordinating and facilitating all activities of other Council of Europe bodies in the field of migration, Migration Co-ordination is responsible for planning and implementing migration-related co-operation projects with Council of Europe member states, on the request of and in close consultation with the latter. It also ensures external visibility of Council of Europe’s actions in this field. Migration Co-ordination will furthermore ensure effective transversal co-ordination and co-operation with such external partners as the EU, UNHCR, OSCE and IOM, National Human Rights Structures, national authorities and civil society.