Migration and Human Rights

Regular Selective Information Flow

Regular Selective Information Flow (RSIF)

The purpose of "Regular Selective Information Flow" (RSIF) is to keep the National Human Rights Structures permanently updated of Council of Europe norms and activities by way of regular transfer of information, which, under the responsibility of the National Human Rights Structures Unit of the Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs, are carefully selected and presented in what is hoped to be a user-friendly manner.

The issues of the RSIF are sent every two weeks to the Contact Persons in the National Human Rights Structures who disseminate it within their offices. Any other person or institution can apply for receiving the RSIF as well by.

The majority of documents the RSIF refers to is available in English and French and can be consulted on the websites indicated in the RSIF and to which links are inserted.

The preparation of the RSIF is presently financed under the Peer-to-Peer II Project ("Promoting independent national non-judicial mechanisms for the protection of human rights, especially for the prevention of torture", a Council of Europe - European Union Joint Project). Before that it was funded by the Council of Europe's Human Rights Trust Fund, after a trial period financed by a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany (Auswärtiges Amt).

Readers are encouraged to give any feed-back that may help improve the format or contents of this tool. To give feed-back or receive the RSIF onto your mailbox please send an e-mail to : DGHL_capacitybuilding@coe.int

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