Young people, Peace and Climate Change 

 18 to 23 September 

 Mollina, Spain

The University on Youth and Development (UYD) has been organised by the North South Centre of the Council of Europe for more than twenty years.  It is the most long-standing Summer University. It represents an international hub for meetings, youth advocacy and exchange of good practices. The event gathers, for one week, hundreds of young people, youth workers, decision makers, experts from the field and institutional representatives, providing them all with a space to meet, debate, build their capacities and cooperate on youth policy issues.
The UYD is designed as a space for experiencing intercultural dialogue while debating the most pressing issues of the global youth movement.

Every year the Network on Youth and Global Citizenship proposes a theme representing the thread that connects all the activities taking place in the framework of the University. The 2023 theme explores youth's contributions to positive peace in the face of climate change. It builds upon previous work focused on SDG 16 and its intersection with SDG 13. Key questions include the role of youth in building positive peace, mechanisms for capacity-building in climate change planning, dismantling age and gender stereotypes, combating corruption, and enhancing interregional youth collaboration.

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The Joint Programme connects all the people involved in all the UYD partners' activities, giving everyone the opportunity to network, share and reflect different perspectives on the annual theme “Young People, Peace, and Climate Change”.

It consists of a series of plenary sessions of different natures: from informal and playful evening activities to more formal debates to explore the annual theme with government representatives and experts. It also includes musical moments and interactions with the local community.

The Joint Programme is designed by the Joint Pedagogical Team of the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe together with the Partners and is implemented through non-formal education methods, following the Global Education guidelines.

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The activities and organisations listed below have been chosen to operate within the 22nd UYD. They are collaborating to ensure the success of the event and contribute to the advancement of the youth sector.

North-South Centre of the Council of Europe


Global Youth

The UYD is an international youth event part of the iLEGEND III Joint programme co-funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe. The UYD is organised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, in partnership with a number of youth-led and youth-oriented organisations who have the possibility to run their own activities (trainings, seminars, board meetings, etc.) within a dynamic and participatory context which encourages networking, cooperation and peer-to-peer education.