Council of Europe’s Democracy Innovation Award

The Council of Europe’s Democracy Innovation Award is given  by the Secretary General each year to the World Forum for Democracy’s most popular initiative, which was presented in the labs, voted upon by the Forum participants.
The Award is an original work of the artist Ilana Isehayek. Ilana Isehayek began her career as an artist in Canada before settling in France twenty years ago. Her origins and path appear in her work through the attention it pays to the matters of roots, travel, and cultures. One of her major concerns is to create links between past and present, history and experience, defining the role of the public in the work, the appearance or physical approach of the place. In paintings, sculptures or installations, she develops a very personal language.

Council of Europe Film Award (FACE)

The Council of Europe presents the FACE award at the International Istanbul Film Festival to the director of a film that raises public awareness and interest in human rights issues and creates better understanding of their importance. The FACE award is intended to honour an artistic or documentary film that promotes human rights in accordance with the values of the Council of Europe and the principles of individual freedom, political liberty and the rule of law. The FACE award includes a sculpture in bronze (created by Freddy Ruhlman, entitled "Spirale de l'élévation") and a cash prize of 10000 €, partly financed by Eurimages, the Council of Europe support fund for the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinematographic works.

Council of Europe Quality Label for Youth Centres

The Council of Europe Quality Label for Youth Centres, initially awarded for a period of three years, represents an opportunity for existing or planned youth centres in signatory states of the European Cultural Convention to subscribe to the values and youth policy priorities of the Council of Europe. It is further a means of encouraging quality development among youth centres on the basis of established standards for educational and policy approaches within the youth sector of the Council of Europe and an opportunity for international networking and exchange between residential educational youth centres and their stakeholders.

Eurimages co-production developement Awards

The Council of Europe’s Eurimages Fund has joined forces with co-production markets in Rotterdam (CineMart), Berlin (Berlinale Co-Production Market), Sarajevo (CineLink), Rome (New Cinema Network), Amsterdam (Cinekid) and Copenhagen (CPH:FORUM) to award the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award. The award, a cash prize of €20,000 euros for feature films at Rotterdam, Berlin, Sarajevo, Amsterdam, Rome and Tallinn film festivals, and €15,000 for documentaries at Copenhagen film festival, has been created to promote the Fund’s role in encouraging European co-production from the initial stages of a project.

Eurimages Lab project Award

At the end of 2015 the Council of Europe’s Eurimages Fund joined forces with four European festivals to establish the “EURIMAGES LAB PROJECT AWARD” for innovative projects exploring new forms of expression, as from 2016.
This award, amounting to €50,000, will be presented by the Karlovy Vary International Film festival, the Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the European Film Festival des Arcs within the framework of their “Works in Progress” events.

European co-production Award -Eurimages Prize

In 2007, the Eurimages Fund became a patron of the European Film Academy and created an award for co-production – the Eurimages Prize – aimed at rewarding each year the work of one or two producers having participated in the co-production of Eurimages supported projects. The main objective of this award is to acknowledge the decisive position which co-production occupies within the European film industry.
Since 2009, the Eurimages Prize is awarded during the official ceremony of the European Film Awards.

European Diploma of Protected Areas of the Council of Europe

The European Diploma of Protected Areas is a prestigious international award granted since 1965 by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to natural and semi-natural areas and landscapes of exceptional European importance for the preservation of biological, geological and landscape diversity and managed in an exemplary way.
The Diploma is awarded to protected areas because of their outstanding scientific, cultural or aesthetic qualities, but they must also be the subject of a suitable conservation scheme.

European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE)

The European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE) is a distinction which recognises that a given municipality has achieved a high level of good governance measured against Council of Europe standards. The award is a crystal dodecahedron engraved with the 12 Principles of Good Democratic Governance.

Landscape Award of the Council of Europe

Opened to the Parties to the European Landscape Convention, the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe is intended to raise civil society’s awareness of the value of landscapes, of their role and of changes to them.
Its objective is to reward exemplary practical initiatives aimed at successful landscape quality objectives on the territories of the Parties to the Convention. The Award is conferred every two years and the files presenting applications should be submitted to the Council of Europe General Secretariat through the Permanent Representations of the Parties to the Convention.