Alessandra PierucciAlessandra Pierucci

Présidente du Comité de la Convention 108 (élue lors de la 33ème réunion plénière du Comité, 29 juin - 1 juillet 2016, Strasbourg)
Membre du Sous-groupe de l’Article 29 en charge des questions financières
Service des Relations internationales

Garante per la protezione dei dati personali
Piazza di Monte Citorio, 121
00186 Roma – Italy - -

Curriculum Vitae

Alessandra Pierucci is a lawyer and has been working for several years at the Italian Data Protection Authority, in particular on EU-related and international matters.

She has been actively involved in data protection at Council of Europe level by representing Italy in the Consultative Committee of Convention 108, of which she became Chair in 2016.

She worked at the “Media and Information Society Division” of the Council of Europe where she dealt with data protection and freedom of expression in respect of new media and Information Society, and gender equality in the media.

She contributes regularly to the activity of the EU’s Article 29 Working Party (WP29), in particular by coordinating the work of the WP29 subgroup on data protection in the financial sector. She also contributed to the OECD Working Party on Information Security.

She participated in several projects on data protection and gave legal advice in the field.

As part of her research activity, she has published several papers concerning fundamental rights and data protection issues on juridical journals and books. She has taught data protection in post graduate courses in some European universities.