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  Some figures about the Entraide-Solidarity association

Supported projects

Giving a blind man his hearing back

[January 2013] The Association Guinée-Solidarité requested help from the Entraide-Solidarity Association to help purchase a hearing aid for a young man from Guinea, who had been left blind and with two burst eardrums.

The young man was able to go to Secondary school and to university thanks to the sponsorship of a retired translator of the Council of Europe. Nowadays, the young man works for an organization which supervises election and government transparency.

In order to purchase these hearing aids, the Entraide-Solidarity Association has been asked to give €1,000.

Tax stamps for residence permits

[February 2013] The Association d'Accueil et d'Hébergement pour les Jeunes in Strasbourg has asked the Entraide-Solidarity association to help a family from Kosovo, without financial resources, composed of two parents and five children educated in France.

This family must regularise its administrative situation and obtain residence permits. The children will be able to continue to go to school and the father will be able to find a job. In the meantime, the family volunteers for several charities, is housed free of charge in accommodation provided by the Strasbourg city hall.

To help them sort out the administrative procedures, the Entraide-Solidarity association granted the sum of €680 for the payment of tax stamps.

A helping hand

[May 2013] A complex family situation, a job loss due to severe health problems leading to a disability and a move in a social accommodation in need of renovation run a French mother repatriated from de Côte d'Ivoire into debts.

To help her to solve her debts, the Entraide-Solidarity association granted the sum of €300.

Book transport for the games library of Pachacutec

[June 2013] The Entraide-Solidarity association contributed to a social-educational project of the Altiplano association for the development of a games library in a disadvantaged urban settings in Lima, Pachacutec.

To support this project, the Entraide-Solidarity association granted an amount of €560, earmarked for transport of the books.

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Tickets for the school canteen

[July 2013] In the framework of its local actions, the Strasbourg city social services sent an application to Entraide-Solidarity concerning a single mother, jobless and with two children.

To assist this mother in financial difficulties, the Entraide-Solidarity association granted the sum of €415 for the payment of the school canteen costs.


[August 2013] The Entraide-Solidarity association has helped a couple with two young children, based near Strasbourg. This family with low income has accumulated debts following the wage suspension of the father, due to an employment litigation. It lasted several months before he won his case before the Labour inspectorate. The mother, pregnant, gets only family allowances.

The Entraide-Solidarity association granted the sum of €100 which will enable them to deal with an electricity bill.

St Joseph's Home for the Elderly

[September 2013] Entraide-Solidarity association has renewed its assistance to the home for elderly people based in Kaduthuruthy (Kerela, Southern India) which houses elderly people without resources and abandoned by their families.

This year, the association granted the sum of €1,000 for medicines.

Artisan bakery in Benin

[September 2013] The Entraide-Solidarity association decided to support a project to build a bakery proposed by the association Sourire Sans Souffrir. This artisan bakery, based in the town of Bopa in Benin, has helped to create jobs and to feed a population of about 90,000 inhabitants.

The Entraide-Solidarity association granted €1,000 to this project.

Finally an affordable accommodation

[September 2013] The Entraide-Solidarity association helped a single-mother family with four children based in the Strasbourg area. Despite her very irregular income, she always managed to cover the needs of her family. But when the social services found her a flat to rent at a moderate price, this single mother faced a financial problem.

In order to allow this single-parent family access to their new home and to pay for their debts, the association granted €456.75.

Residence permit for a single mother

[October 2013] As a part of its social activities, the Entraide-Solidarity association decided to contribute to the support of a single-parent family of Bosnian origin. The mother and her three children were living in a great poverty. Jobless and without social welfare, they lived in a camper van and survived on charity.

After completing an integration programme, the French authorities issued the mother with a residence permit, authorising her to work and to receive social welfare.

To obtain this residence permit, the Entraide-Solidarity association paid €260, corresponding to the price of fiscal stamps.

Hip surgery

[October 2013] After contributing to the successful operation of a girl with cancer on the eyes in August 2009, to the success of an operation on the hand of a young Guinean in August 2011 and the implant of a hearing aid for a young men in January 2013, the Entraide-Solidarity association renewed its cooperation with the association Guinée-Solidarité for a hip surgery on a 17-year old Guinean, the victim of a traffic accident.

This operation, amounting to €2,675, will allow this young man, who has no financial means of his own, to regain all movements in his legs.

Computers for an orphanage school in India

[November 2013] The Association can also contribute to the success of a project without any financial involvement, simply by connecting people. This is the case with a project from the Jhamtse Switzerland Association, who had asked us for help to collect computer equipment. We then contacted the Directorate for Information Technologies of the Organisation, as they sometimes have a stock of obsolete computers, but which are still in good working order.

As a result, three laptops were donated to the Tibetan orphanage school of Jhamtse Gatsal, which is situated in north-eastern India.

A convoy to Cuba

[December 2013] Following the request from a staff member of the Council of Europe, the Entraide-Solidarity association partly funded the transport of computer equipment for underprivileged children in Cuba. This contribution amounted to €250.

Start working it out!

[December 2013] "1000 schoolchildren" is the name of the 2013 campaign led by the Voix Libres Association, which aims to finance school equipment for miners' and farm labourers' children in Bolivia. Bearing in mind that €7.20 is enough to finance school equipment for 1 child and that the Entraide-Solidarités Association has given a total of €1,500. How many children does that benefit? Start working it out!

Presentation of the campaign [fr]

Steiner school India 2014

[December 2013] At the initiative of college students from the South of France, the project "Steiner School India 2014" aims to meet the people of a village of Pabu-Ki-Dhani, situated in the Thar desert of northern India. During their stay, the students, accompanied by a few teachers, will share the day-to-day lives of the villagers and will help in the various projects of setting up fences and buildings.

The Entraide-Solidarités association has decided to make a financial contribution of €290 to finance this humanitarian and educational project to help towards the purchase of building materials.

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