Account 2012

 Some figures about the Entraide-Solidarity association

Supported projects

Sewing machines for Congo

[January 2012] Entraide-Solidarity has purchased six sewing machines costing a total of USD 720 for a women's training workshop in the Congo. This workshop gives a useful skill to young single girls who have had babies, widows, and other vulnerable women, so that they can participate in society and feed both themselves and their young families.

- Mission report [fr]

Computers for Cuba

[January 2012] A school in Cuba will benefit from a donation of €304.98 by Entraide-Solidarity towards the cost of transport for 25 second hand Council of Europe computers from Strasbourg to St Nazaire in Belgium. This Belgian town is twinned with Cienfuegos in Cuba and every year the community sends a container of goods to help the inhabitants there.

This project was carried out in conjunction with the NGO Caritas International.

- Mission report
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Installation of a shower seat for a teenage boy with a disability

[January 2012] As part of its local work, and following a request for a shower seat for a teenage boy with a disability who lives in Alsace, the Entraide-Solidarity association has decided to follow up on the request and allocate the total sum of €439.11, including VAT, to proceed with the installation.

Follow-up of our action for Sasha

[February 2012] See a message from Viktoria

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€300 prevents further misery

[April 2012] The Entraide-Solidarity association has helped a local family with 3 children who are temporarily undergoing severe financial difficulties. They have contributed €300 which will help to alleviate the family's current situation until a solution is found.

A new toy-lending for Senegal

[July 2012] Further to subsidising the construction and out-fitting of a toy-lending library run by the CIELO association in Columbia in January 2010, the Entraide-Solidarity association is once again supporting this organisation who are trying to promote the educational benefits of toy-lending libraries in an impoverished area of Senegal.

Entraide-Solidarity's contribution to CIELO's new project is €1,000 which will enable them to carry out minor renovation works and fit out premises for another toy-lending library.

- Final activities and financial report of the project [fr]

Renewal of support to St Joseph's Home for the Elderly in India

[September 2012] Since 2005 the Entraide-Solidarity association has continuously supported St Joseph's Home for the Elderly in Kaduthuruthy (Kerela, Southern India). This home for the elderly, founded in 2001, welcomes dozens of elderly people who find themselves with neither family nor financial means.

This year Entraide-Solidarity raised €1,000 for medicine for the home.

The hazards of administration

[October 2012] The Entraide-Solidarity association has come to the aid of a 50-year old Armenian farm hand. Following a delay in the renewal of his residence permit, causing him to lose his employment and his rights to aid for several months, this Alsatian by adoption could no longer pay his rent and was threatened with expulsion.

In order to avoid losing his home, the Entraide-Solidariy association granted him the equivalent of one month's rent and took the decision to follow his case in order to intervene again, if the need arose.

Financing a building project in Burkina Faso

[October 2012] In July 2011 and within the framework of humanitarian action led by the association for development in Burkina Faso, The Sainte Véronique Association was granted aid by the Entraide-Solidarity association to build a shelter for outcast women in great difficulty.

Today, the Entraide-Solidarity association is continuing its cooperation with this association by financing the construction of a shed for this shelter based in Paspanga, a neighbourhood of Ouagadougou. The sum granted for this project amounts to €1,250.

- Letter from The Saint Véronique Association and pictures [fr]

A new primary school for Myanmar

[October 2012] In order to complete a building project, the Association Hope 4 the World requested that Entraide-Solidarity association help with the building of a new school in Thar Yar Su in Myanmar (Burma).

The grant awarded by the Entraide-Solidarity association amounts to €2,222.

- Progress report

A pre-school for Nyamagumba

[October 2012] In Ruanda, pre-schools are not subsidized by the government. The setting up and management of pre-schools is entirely the responsibility of the pupils' parents. Since January 2012, the parents of the children from the Nyamagumba primary school started setting up a pre-school which would welcome 65 children from the age of 3.

In order to help with this project, the Entraide-Solidarity association is subsidising the purchase of equipment, such as chairs and tables. The total subsidy amounts to €2,168.

Heating for winter

[December 2012] As part of its local activities, Entraide-Solidarity has helped a single mother with two children to reduce her debts. Her gas meter has been removed and there's a risk of spending winter without hot water and heating. She has been supported by the city social services, but her health problems hinder the possibilities for finding a job and her financial resources remain very limited.

To allow a negotiation for the replacement and the re-installation of the gas meter, the Entraide-Solidarity association granted the sum of €600.